Capcom released a new gameplay trailer of “Monster Hunter: World.” The trailer shows a lot of new features in the game, such as weapons, monsters and areas. The new area that was featured in the trailer is called the Wildspire Waste, which is an arid canyon with a blend of swampland. Players will also see exotic monsters that can only be seen in the area. “Monster Hunter: World” also offers different equipment that has never been seen in its previous versions.

Prepare for the Wildspire Waste

The Wildspire Waste area in “Monster Hunter: World” is a harsh environment.

Players can discover multiple caves while in the swampland, while the arid canyons in the area have a lot of huge monsters below its sands, which can send the character flying when it charges upwards. Due to this, players can go stealthy while hunting as there are a lot of hiding spots in the map. Hunters can also swing through large vines in the Wildspire Waste in order to escape from groups of monsters. The trailer also shows that monsters have the ability to destroy some objects in the game. Due to this, Hunters must be very careful while hiding into a huge pile of rocks. The map also features exotic swamp monsters, which seems to be very dangerous and powerful. Hunters will be able to encounter Kulu-Ya-Ku in the Wildspire Waste, which has the ability to steal other monster's eggs.

It is believed that killing the Kulu-Ya-Ku will give the character amazing rewards. There are also land monsters that spit a slime-like liquid that slows the character. At the end of the trailer, players can see a huge monster, which is believed to be one of the oldest and powerful dragons in the game.

The game features a lot of new amazing equipment

There are tons of new features in the game. First is the ability to swing with the use of the Slinger. Players will also have the ability to get most of the weapons that were featured in the previous versions of the game, giving everyone a nostalgic experience. The trailer also shows new weapons in the game such as a machine gun-like type of crossbow, which seems to be very effective against small monsters.

Players can also see a character that is hunting above a small mountain while using a weapon that looks like a sniper rifle. The game will also feature different bows, which is very effective in range combat situations. It is also one of the favorites in the game in terms of hunting with other players.