Acclaimed game developer Blizzard Entertainment may have dropped an interesting new clue suggesting a Diablo 2Remaster could be in the works. On the other hand, will fans finally see “Diablo 4" surprise reveal at Blizzcon 2017?

Remastered title likely in the works

The latest speculation of a “Diablo 2” remaster has been making the rounds online and it's rubbing shoulders with the series’ highly anticipated “Diablo 4” that has yet to come to fruition.

As this year’s BlizzCon is set to take place in a couple of months, fans are guessing again what Blizzard has up its sleeve concerning the future of the ARPG and hack and slash dungeon crawler series.

Interestingly enough, the studio recently hinted what’s likely coming in the developer’s pipeline with regard to the “Diablo” franchise.

Senior Producer wanted for Diablo title

The careers page on Blizzard’s official website is apparently hunting for a senior producer who can help to maneuver their classic games. The candidate must have a burning passion for video games, especially for “Diablo”.

If this bit of information is any indication, one can safely assume that the company is brewing something that pertains to the said franchise. Perhaps what’s plausible right now is a remaster for “Diablo 2.”

One can check out the full list of requirements and other details about this job ad at Blizzard’s careers website.

The D4 surprise reveal at Blizzcon 2017?

While many of fans will be happy to hear about a remastered title being in the works, there are also those who hope to see an all new sequel to “Diablo 3” now that this year’s BlizzCon is fast approaching.

The chances may be small but that doesn’t stop fans in hoping they will finally get a surprise reveal of the fourth title in November.

Apparently, many will agree that the third title is already a stale game and has now reached its maturity in its eleventh season. Players now clamor to see something fresh five years after D3 was launched.

Darker theme and other gameplay improvements

Game critics also say that perhaps Blizzard Entertainment can offer a new experience of a more appealing storyline with darker and more sinister theme in the next title.

The development team can also improve the game’s difficulty. For instance, in a boss fight, it can add changes in move sets or create another form once defeated similar to “Dark Souls.”

BlizzCon 2017 is slated to take place on November 3 up to November 4 at Anaheim Convention Center. Blizzard Entertainment has not revealed the full details yet but fans can cross their fingers that a “Diablo 4” surprise reveal will happen, or at least, an official announcement of the “Diablo 2” remaster.