Free Simulator Online (FreeSO) has officially announced that they are no longer making the fan-made “The Sims 1” for mobiles. However, players can still enjoy its revived version of “The Sims Online.” Here are the details and everything that Simmers should know.

“The Sims 1” for mobile phones

FreeSO announced last month that they are porting “TS1” to their current engine. With this, the mobile version of the original game will soon be available.

“The Sims 1” mobile version is expected to offer the same features as the original game. It includes virtual people in three stages, and a significant number of skills.

It is also supposed to feature nearly all lots in different neighborhoods such as the Downtown and Studio town.

FreeSO quits the 'TS1' mobile project?

The team has not faced major issues and problems during the project. Since “The Sims Online” was built on the original "The Sims" engine, they do not have to make drastic efforts. The adaptation of the game into the engine was easy as well as using the original game’s objects and resources. Hence, Simmers have been expecting that “The Sims 1” mobile version will be available soon.

A report published in The Sims Community revealed that Electronic Arts (EA) has been protecting “The Sims” IP from any potential damage. With this, they have informed the team about how the TSO IP should be handled.

They have also asked the team not to bring the original game to mobile or any devices. They also made it clear that releasing the game through a third party will be damaging to “The Sims” brand.

In compliance with the terms set by EA, FreeSO officially announced that they are no longer working on the mobile version of “TS1.” Moreover, they will stop any efforts to bring the game to other game platforms.

Even if “The Sims 1” will no longer be released publicly for mobile platforms, Simmers can still use the FreeSO PC project. With this, they can still play the revived version of “The Sims Online.” However, there will be some changes in the game. It includes a change in logo to avoid the house motif.

In respect to EA, FreeSO will also be putting more multiple disclaimers on their website.

They will also insist on not accepting any donations for the server costs.

“The Sims Online” updates coming soon?

FreeSO will still support the “TSO.” Moreover, they announced that they can still develop the game further. Hence, players can expect for more updates and contents for “The Sims Online.”