Pokemon Go” players are facing several issues right now. Among these include the glitch in the Premier Balls and the Gym Control Bonus among others. Unfortunately, Niantic Labs has not yet provided any specific date as to the release of the fixes for these problems.

Premier Balls

The most recent launch of the Legendaries in the augmented reality game has encouraged more players to be active again in the game. The mythical birds also opened different Raids across the globe. Since players in the Raids uses these balls for Boss Raid Battles, most of them have recently reported a glitch that they have experienced.

According to players, in most cases, the Raid Bosses breaks free from the last Premier Ball available in the augmented reality game. Players find this disappointing and frustrating as completing a raid in “Pokemon Go” entail resources and time. While several groups have the skills to defeat the Raid Boss with little issue, the majority of the players need good items and coordination to win the Raids successfully.

For their part, Niantic Labs has acknowledged the issue. Currently, the game developer is working hard for a solution to address the Premier Ball glitch effectively. Unfortunately, there is no specific date when they are really releasing the fix. Fans are, however anxious about the fix since another Legendary bird is released today, which means Zapdos Raids are taking place in the game.

Gym Control Bonus

Another issue in the augmented reality game is the Gym Control Bonus that is not currently working as intended during Raid Boss battles. This is connected to the Premier Balls as some players reported getting lesser number of balls because of the issue. Like the balls, Niantic Labs is well aware of the pressing issue with the bonus and is also working on how to resolve it as soon as possible.

However, no timeline is provided for the release of the fix, so players will need to wait for the issues to be resolved.


Meanwhile, Zapdos is now live in the game. The Legendary bird is believed to be one of the most difficult creatures to defeat in the game. Unlike other legendary pocket monsters, Zapdos has no double weakness.

The creature is both Flying and Electric type monster. Interestingly, it only appears during thunderstorms, and its body releases lightning bolts when airborne. Blasting News has released a guide containing tips and tricks on how to defeat Zapdos in “Pokemon Go.”