Free Simulator Online (FreeSO) has announced that they are making “The Sims 1” work with their engine support. With this, the original game in the franchise will soon be available for mobile phone users.

‘The Sims 1’ features review

The Sims 1” or “TS1” is a single-player interactive life simulation game released on February 4, 2000. It was the first entry in the series that allowed its players to control the daily lives of virtual people who are called “Sims.”

These Sims undergo three stages from babies who turn into children after three days. Once they turn into children and adult Sims, they are given an indefinite lifespan.

Once they turn into adults, players can let their Sims develop six skills and one secret skill. Simmers are also allowed to use the “Makin’ Magic” charm that will turn children into adults. However, their appearances are random and may change.

The original Sims is the only version that uses isometric perspective with 2D objects and some 3D objects. It features a total of 7 expansion packs but no stuff packs. The game also features similar and pre-designed neighborhoods. However, players can add sub-neighborhoods such as Downtown, Vacation Island, Studio Town and Magic Town.

‘The Sims 1’ coming to mobile phones

FreeSO team, who brought back “The Sims Online,” has announced that they are porting the “TS1” to their current engine.

In this new project, "The Sims 1" mobile version will finally be available.

Will it take a long time?

“The Sims Online” was built on “The Sims 1” engine. Hence, FreeSO team doesn’t need to take extreme efforts to make it happen. They can easily adapt it, and use the objects and resources from the original game soon. However, it may still require them a bit of work.

The team is already running nearly all lots in a default “The Sims 1” neighborhood. It includes the Downtown and Studio town. There are also no big issues during the process. Hence, players can expect the upcoming mobile game sooner than they expect.

How will ‘TS1’ look like in FreeSO engine?

“The Sims 1” only allows two floors in each building.

Moreover, it doesn’t allow basements, foundations, and lofts. Once the original game uses the FSO engine in mobile phones, players will be allowed to put five floors in their building finally. There will also be powerful modding tools, high frame rate support, lightning and an entirely custom UI.

FreeSo also revealed that having the original Sims on their engine allows the availability of terrain tools. This is the feature that players have longed for. With this, players can experience a whole new level of creative building and freedom in the game. More details about the Sims series will be revealed soon. Stay tuned for more updates!