Persona Q2” will be laying on the fan service pretty thick with another possible crossover in the making. The first game saw the third and fourth game’s cast working together, and while the plot wasn’t anything too astounding, it heavily made up for it with the fluff dialogue among the characters. Similarly, it seems like the sequel will be getting the same treatment, this time with the “Persona 5” cast. With that being said, here are some character interactions fans can’t wait to see in the game.

Chie Satonaka, Akihiko Sanada, and Makoto Niijima

These three have extreme differences in their personality as Chie is feisty, Akihiko has some somber tones, while Makoto is calm and studious. However, the one thing that binds the three of them together is their love for martial arts. Akihiko is a talented boxer and Makoto trains in Aikido while Chie is a self-taught martial artist. It’d be great to see the three of them talk about their fighting styles and compare their moves with one another. Maybe we’ll even get to see this trio spar with each other in “Persona Q2” when they first meet. Their differences in personality should also add to the overall dynamic of their quirky conversations.

Ann Takamaki, Yukari Takeba, Rise Kujikawa

These three beautiful women share quite a lot in common as they’re all under the Arcana: Lovers. Rise and Ann are quite famous as the former is a popular idol while the latter works as a part-time model. While Yukari didn’t have the same celebrity position in high school, she was still extremely popular in her school.

Not to mention the fact that she became a major TV star while doubling as a college student. These three would easily get along from the get-go judging by their interests and would become total best Friends for life in “Persona Q2.”

Futaba Sakura and Fuuka Yamagishi

These two girls act as the navigator for their team through their unique Personas.

However, they also find ways to help their team outside of combat through technology as they’re both skilled with computers and gadgets. Fuuka and Futaba are also extremely shy and have a rough time socializing with others, and thus prefer to spend time alone. Judging by their interests, it’d be great to see Futaba teach Fuuka more about computers in “Persona Q2.” Fuuka, on the other hand, would teach Futaba on how to use her Persona better in terms of location and support. Their partnership would be much quieter compared to their rowdy teammates, but there’s no doubt that they’d have a solid friendship.