Ubisoft confirmed today the official release date of Tom Clancy’s “The DivisionUpdate 1.7. The next patch will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 14, 6 PM CST. A list of brand new features, gear sets, and changes will roll out to the game when the update finally releases.

Update 1.7

The next update for Tom Clancy’s “The Division” will roll out brand new features. Among this includes Global Events that will activate various modifiers across the content of the game. In addition, an in-game achievement system dubbed as Commendations will be introduced.

This new achievement system will award fresh vanity items upon task completion. The update will also feature Encrypted Caches to collect Premium items that can be bought with real money or key fragments.

Update 1.7 will also introduce Classified Gear Sets. This infuses six piece bonuses to the current gear sets in the game. This new sets will be given as rewards to players who participated in the Global Events that have spent and collected Global Tokens. The Global Events will rewards players with Masks, and a vanity item that will be revealed when the patch goes live.

Aside from new features, there are also several changes that Update 1.7 will roll out in the game. This includes the game’s Stable Weapon Talent is now changed to 10 percent.

Players can still acquire it on sub-30 weapons. Ballistic Shield now gets a PvP modifier where 20 percent more damage is made to shields.

First Global Event

The first Global Event of the game is titled Outbreak and is now available on the game’s public test realm. The Global Event Outbreak will commence on August 15 and will run until August 22.

According to the Community Manager in the community forum, the event will feature various factions that have been infected by a highly contagious virus.

Ubisoft Community Manager Ubi-Johan added that those who will take part in the game’s first Global Event will have the chance to get any of the Classified Gear Sets, which includes Final Measure, DeadEye, and Lone Star.

If the player completed the Classified Gear Sets, the special bonuses will be unlocked.

The game based on Tom Clancy’s book is an action-shooter title set in New York City. It follows the story of a deadly disease that has caused an outbreak in the City. As a result, several factions were formed who are constantly fighting over equipment and territories. Tom Clancy’s “The Division” was released in March 2016.