Genji and Mercy are the top heroes for the Quick Play and Competitive matches of “Overwatch” respectively. The hero ranking is based on the amount of hero play time in the Blizzard’s first-person shooter game.

Quick Play ranking

“Overwatch” Game Director Jeff Kaplan recently shared the hero ranking list on the game’s official forum. The ranking is based on some time players spent using the heroes between August 2 and August 9. According to him, in Quick Play matches, Genji is the top pick among heroes. The latest addition to the game’s roster, Doomfist, is the second most played.

The rocket-punching hero is followed by Hanzo in the third spot.

McCree was the fourth most played hero, and Soldier 76 ranked fifth in the Quick Play matches' heroes ranking. Mercy, Widowmaker, Junkrat, D.Va, and Pharah followed in the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth rank respectively. The game director noted that Genji has a wide margin regarding time difference among other heroes.

Kaplan, however, emphasized that the ranking is based on the hero playtime. He explained that the difference could be just one second over the other hero. Although this is sometimes misleading the game director underlined that the ranking does not make the hero better than the others.

Competitive Hero Ranking

In the game’s community forums, some players also requested that Kaplan would reveal the hero ranking for the Competitive matches. The game director shared that Mercy topped the list in the game’s Competitive ladder. Kaplan emphasized that like Genji in the Quick Play, Mercy lead by a large time frame margin among other heroes.

D.Va ranked second and was followed by Lucio on the third spot. In the Competitive, Genji only ranked fourth and was followed by Soldier 76 in the fifth spot. Winston ranked sixth, followed by Ana on the seventh spot. Zarya, Reinhardt, and McCree ranked seventh, eighth, and ninth in the Competitive heroes ranking while Zenyatta ranked tenth.

Upcoming Changes

Jeff Kaplan also mentioned that Blizzard is now working on adding more detailed stats to the Career Profile and statistics pages of the game. One player suggested that a map-based statistics added to the page would be better, which Kaplan agreed. However, the game director said that the only constraint for this to be possible is the limited time that the team has.

Summer Games

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated summer event in “Overwatch” has finally returned along with the event-exclusive brawl, Lucioball. Fans are also enjoying the cool skins released alongside the event. While there are several bugs encountered in the Lucioball, Blizzard is now working on the hotfixes to address the issue.