A new set of interesting details about the upcoming first-person shooter game “Destiny 2” is available now. Aside from the recent information about the game’s content, there is also new information on the latest updates and changes that players will soon experience in the game.

Latest information

The most recent issue of the gaming magazine Edge has shared brand new information on the second game installment from Bungie. One of the most interesting pieces of information recently revealed includes more than eighty PvE missions and side missions that players will enjoy in “Destiny 2.” During the game’s development, Bungie has assured fans that the sequel will offer more content.

Aside from the PvE missions and side missions, new details about Nightfall are also available. According to the game developer, Nightfall will now be time bound. This means that players will need to gear up with the right skill and strategy in order to win the battle.

Other details

Interestingly, Edge revealed that there are certain portions of the game that will lock out the players’ weapons. This means that as soon as the mission commenced, players cannot alter their weapons or sub-class until the particular mission is done. It appears that the game developer is purposely directing the players to play based on actual skill and preparation.

In addition, a brand new mechanic that will set enemies’ energy shield to explode will also be introduced in the upcoming sequel.

The energy weapons can be used to drain the energy of the shield. When the energy gets depleted they will explode and will create damage to everything around its radius. While the feature is not included in the Beta, the game developer has confirmed that this mechanic will be included on the game’s official release.

PC Beta

Meanwhile, the PC Beta of the game is scheduled to start in the later part of August.

Bungie recently revealed several changes that will roll out in the game before the start of the PC Beta. These changes were taken from the feedback of the players who were able to participate in the Console Beta. For those who pre-order the game, they can enjoy the Beta early access on August 28, while those who have not pre-ordered can enjoy it the next day after. The Beta will run until the last day of August.

Destiny 2” is slated to officially release on September 6 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It will be officially available on PC starting October 24.