Recently, a new mod was released in “Fallout 4,” which made everyone very excited. The mod is called the VOT mod, which means Vertical Takeoff Outpost. Gamers love the said mod as it offers such convenience for everyone. The VOT mod allows Players to create a Flying House, which can travel anywhere. However, some features made players unconvinced. Due to this, players started to request new features in the mod, which will make it almost perfect for everyone.

What is the vertical takeoff outpost mod

The VOT mod is one of the most beneficial mods in “Fallout 4” today.

In VOT, players can craft their Vertibird. PCDug, which is the creator of the mod, added a lot of blueprints in the game to create the Vertibird. It is not easy to create the floating house, especially for players that just got started in the game. The Vertibird looks like a huge helicopter. Inside of it is like a small house with a lot of places to design.

Due to this, players will not have to do a lot of things after creating the Vertibird. Players also cannot recruit NPCs inside the floating house. However, there are a lot of convenient features inside the Vertibird. First is the multi-purpose workbench, which can also be used as storage. This will be very helpful, especially for players that are collecting weapons and armors.

The multi-purpose workbench can also be used crafting and cooking, which are both important features in surviving. Players will also love the turrets outside the Vertibird, which is very effective in defending against raiders and other monsters. Followers of the character can also be contacted with the use of intercom, which can also be found inside the flying house.

To travel anywhere, players will have to create landing pads in a certain place. Players can also summon the Vertibird from anywhere with the use of a remote control.

Some players want more improvements for the VOT mod

The VOT mod only features fast travels. Due to this, players will not be able to see the Vertibird fly while it is reaching its destination.

The Vertibird is also a bit expensive, as players will always have to fill it with homemade coolant, which serves as its fuel. Even though players will not be able to see it fly, it is believed that PCDug will try to implement it. However, no one has ever created a flying house that can be driven by the character freely. Due to this, it might take some time before modders have finally learned how to do it.