Blizzard’s popular first person shooter game got a “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” intro. While the intro of the popular 90's American TV series brings a sense of nostalgia to those familiar with it, a creative fan merged it with one of the most popular games currently out—“Overwatch.”

Intro makeover

A YouTube user by the name Ryden Cyborg uploaded a masterpiece where the iconic intro music of the hit TV series of the 90's, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” is combined with “Overwatch.” Interestingly, the YouTuber went further by replicating the cast titles with Blizzard FPS’ heroes.

Soldier 76 is Fred Tatasciore, Tracer is Cara Theobold, Genji is Gaku Space, and Bastion is Chris Metzen in the series.

Other heroes included in the intro sequence as supporting characters are Darin De Paul as Reinhardt, Lucie Poh as Mercy, and Charlet Chung as D.Va. Winston is the designated leader of the five Rangers and is assigned in the role of Crispin Freeman. You can check out the entire one-minute fusion video below.

Patch 1.14

Meanwhile, the next update for Blizzard’s first person shooter game is on its public test realm. There are interesting changes and features that the game developer has in store for players with the patch. Among these includes Heroes Balance Changes. Roadhog’s Take A Breather will be buffed and can now be used even if the hero is moving.

In addition, it enables the plump tank to get 50 percent lesser damage while it is being used. In other words, it now increases Roadhog’s survivability and sustainability in the game.

Junkrat will get an extra Concussion Mines, which can now be used for mobility. In addition, the Australian hero’s RIP-Tire movement speed is now increased by 30 percent.

With the latest update, Junkrat’s versatility and flexibility get a buff. Blizzard also removed wall-climbing time limit of the hero.

Widowmaker also gets a buff as the cooldown of her Grappling Hook is now reduced to only eight seconds from its previous 12 seconds cooldown time. Moreover, targets covered by her Venom Mine can now be seen through the walls.

However, these targets are only visible to Windowmaker. Orisa is also getting a buff as Blizzard aims to make her a more viable tank. Her Projectiles speed shot from Fusion Driver is increased by 20 percent. An increase in the size of her Protective Barrier is also applied.

Blizzard has not yet revealed the release date of “OverwatchPatch 1.14. Most likely, it will be on the game’s live servers after the Summer Games 2017.