The prominent Summer Games in “Overwatch” which debuted last year will finally be returning on August 8. “Overwatch” game director Jeff Kaplan has officially announced this event on his developer update video, where he hinted at many other changes as well.

Details on the Summer Games Cosmetics

All previous skins that were available last year will be up for grabs, but unlike last year where players could only unlock them via exclusive real money purchased loot boxes, all skins can be bought with the in-game credits. According to Jeff, we will also be getting a whole lot more content alongside the existing ones, with the highlights being a new Junkrat, Mercy, McCree, and Widowmaker skin.

These newer skins will follow the standard pricing, where the cost of said skin's rarity is tripled. The skins that were released last year, on the other hand, will get a discount which follows the normal in-game currency pricing. Now, you can finally get that Track and Field Tracer skin you've always wanted for just 1,000 gold!

A New Spin on Lúcioball

Lúcioball was hailed for its fun gameplay that gave “Overwatch” a breath of fresh air when Quick Play and Competitive got too hectic. The special arcade brawl will be returning this year, although with some slight balance changes.

To begin with, players will no longer be able to "boop" (push) their opponents on the map. That way, you won’t have to worry about an enemy Lucio booping you away from the goal if you’re playing as a goalie.

His ultimate ability has been changed as the original skill was a bit too overpowered. Before, activating his sound barrier would pull the ball quickly towards you. Many players took advantage of this by hiding behind the enemy goal and activating the skill which would almost always guarantee a free point. His new ultimate ability will give you a duration buff that allows you to move much faster, jump a lot higher, and significantly reduces the cooldown of his alternate fire.

Incidentally, the original game mode featured a custom map called Estádio das Rãs which mirrored a real-life stadium in Rio de Janeiro where the Olympics 2016 was held. While this certain map will be returning this year, we will also be getting a new Australian themed Lúcioball map. Blizzard will also be introducing a ranked mode called Copa Lúcioball and will be available for the entire duration of the event.

This new mode comes complete with placement matches, a top 500 system, and some exclusive sprays.You’ll have three weeks to make the most out of the upcoming “Overwatch” Summer Games 2017.

Check out Jeff Kaplan's Developer Update video here: