It should go without saying but massive Raid spoilers ahead! If you are a fan of "Destiny" there is no better feeling than figuring out the raid mechanics by yourself. However, if you want to learn the mechanics quickly and guide your team members to victory then this guide will help you accomplish just that. The Gauntlet is the part of the raid where your platforming skills will be put to the test, jumping through hoops, gaps, and making sure you coordinate well with your team. This encounter will surely test your physical and mental capabilities as a player.

Recommended loadouts

Team composition is very open here with nothing in particular ever being needed due to the nature of the encounter. Solar elemental damage is preferred to take down centurions but even that is a loose recommendation and isn't really needed unless you want that extra bit of damage. Weapon types did not also matter too much for enemy combat, however, a scout rifle will become useful when it comes to activating several switches which will be further discussed later.

Before the fight starts, split up the teams -- two runners, and four non-runners. Among the non-runner teams, further split into two and assign one person to be a plate activator and the other as an enemy lookout.

Lastly, for the non-running group, further assign each other as the "top arrow" and the "bottom arrow" person, this may not make much sense now but settling this early could save hours of arguing over voice comms.

Starting the encounter

To start the fight, jump on all the plates in each quadrant. The first few minutes will have a bunch of enemies spawning from the side doors, just get rid of them.

After a while, a centurion will spawn followed shortly by a prompt saying that "the psionic charges are ready" which signals the start of the gauntlet. All enemies should be eliminated before running the gauntlet for no other reason than trying to deal with enemies during the run can be distracting.

Two psionic charges will appear, one in the chalice quadrant and one in the beast quadrant.

When picked up, they will teleport that person into the gauntlet to run. Each quadrant will have three arrows -- top, middle, and bottom. Running the gauntlet is a team effort, where the runners need to call out shots to the non-runners in the middle so that they can get through the obstacle course.

Running the gauntlet

When the gauntlet runner is teleported in, the plate activator should jump on top of the plate of where the psionic charge was picked up, the lookout does not need to join the plate activator and should focus on any Psion that will spawn. Standing on the plate will disable the shields blocking the arrows from being shot, and will also activate one specific ring in the gauntlet.

The gauntlet runner will see one of the rings in the 3x3 grid be lit up as red, this is important for two reasons. One, it is representative of the arrow that should not be shot, and two, it is the ring where a bonus charge will be located. The runner will then call out which row has the lit up ring. This is where the bottom arrow, top arrow assignment comes into play.

If the arrow with the ring is middle for example, top shooter should aim for the topmost arrow, while bottom should shoot the bottom. If however, the arrow that needs to be avoided is bottom, top shooter again aims for the topmost arrow, while bottom will then shoot middle. It may take a few tries and discipline when using voice comms is absolutely necessary because both runners will be running at the same time and attention to call outs is required.

If done correctly, all rings will glow green and a charge will appear on the spot where the ring was red a couple of moments ago, the runner must make sure to collect these charges to extend their run through the gauntlet, if ignored, the charge you are holding will detonate prematurely, killing you instantly. The plate activator will have to rotate with their runner jumping on the next plates, while the lookout will have to take out a Psion that spawns on the quadrant that was just finished. Running up to the psion's shield and finishing them off with a melee attack is all it takes to take them out. The lookout will likely have to shoot the arrow from the previous quadrant as sometimes there is a delay to when the Psions spawn, this is where scout rifles come in handy.

Racing to the finish line

Once the runner has gotten four charges, a finish line will be in sight with a charge in front of it. Run through the finish line, do not stop at the charge, in order to be teleported out where you run to the middle and dunk your charges, repeat the entire sequence two more times with each gauntlet sequence, more obstacles and pits will be added for the runner to avoid. When enough charges have been placed at the center console, a charge will spawn for everyone in the middle area. Everyone should grab them and will run the gauntlet together.

You will have 90 seconds to run this which is more than enough time, but the main problem you'll run in to is to get everyone through it without dying.

In order to not explode, you need energy charges, but there are only four charges per quadrant. This is where you need to communicate with your team -- four people will pick up the charges while the others will have to pick up theirs on the next quadrant. Communicate with your team which rings you will jump through so that everyone will make it to the end. If you go through two quadrants without picking up any charges, you will die. After passing the finish line, everyone should run up to the center console and slam their final charges into it, ending the encounter.