It should go without saying but massive raid spoilers ahead! If you are a fan of "Destiny" there is no better feeling than figuring out the raid mechanics by yourself. However, if you want to learn the mechanics quickly and guide your team members to victory then this guide will help you accomplish just that. The Beast or the pleasure garden is the second raid encounter on the Leviathan, at the start you'll want to split into two groups. The first group will be the prism weapon group, which consists of two players. The other four players will be the pollen runners.

Recommended loadouts

No particular elemental weapon type is needed, as far as weapon choice goes, high single target burst damage weapons are favored such as automatic shotguns and rocket launchers. Using a class that can provide significant burst damage as well will be a huge help during the damage phase, and classes that can drop persistent damage stationary grenades such as voidwall or a pulse grenade are very highly recommended. When paired with high damage buffs, these grenades can take out a lot of health without much effort. Striker Titans should spec for double pulse grenade for maximum damage.

Getting started

There are 8 spore locations on the map, four on each side. The six warbeasts will be patrolling these areas in an attempt to catch the players.

To start the encounter, kill all of the enemies in the area and pick up the prism weapons. When the prisms are picked up the door to the safe room will open and all other players should drop down to grab the royal pollen. When you have a pollen ball you cannot double jump, but you can sprint. While in the lower area, runners must avoid being caught by the roaming warbeasts because the moment they are caught, the damage phase starts, and if you didn't have the chance to get enough buff stacks it could mean a wasted phase.

While the runners are being guided in the lower area, the prism holders should split up between the left and right side of the map to act as lookouts, so that they can guide the runners safely to the spores.

Navigating the gardens

The lookouts should be calling out the location of the spores for the players.

Spores will spawn two at a time, once the second one is activated two new ones will be active. When the runners all make it to a spore, the lookout must fire their prism weapon at that location in order to trigger the empowered spores buff on the players. If players activate a spore and it is not shot quickly, the potential buff will disappear. The fewer the players clustered around the spores when it gets shot, the fewer buff stacks they will get. It is important that the runners all stick together in order to get the most stacks. The lookouts must be standing in a beam of light that can be seen scattered throughout the map in order to fire the prism in the first place. The beam weapon doesn't need to be fired for long and it does not seem to grab the beast's attention, however, avoiding them at all costs during this lurking phase is the most important thing to remember.

Lookouts also need to watch out for random Beasthandlers that will spawn in random doors after each trigger of a spore, they are easy to kill with a prism weapon, and taking them out before they get to jump into the lower area is highly recommended.

Damage phase

When you get the alert "The royal beasts grow restless." it means that the damage phase will be starting soon even if you weren't detected yet -- you should pick up the pace in terms of getting those spore stacks.

Ideally, you will have your stacks at 48 or even 60 before you start the damage phase. The higher your stacks, the higher damage you will be able to deal to the warbeasts. When the phase starts you will have a limited time to deal as much damage to the Warbeasts as possible.

They will all be running back to the spore locations on the map and start an animation that looks like they are absorbing the spores. The lookouts should jump down during this time to help out the team with taking out the beasts -- they will also gain the empowered spores buff as soon as they jump down. After a limited time, all players should run back to the safe room and get in from the top hatch -- if any players are still caught outside when the hatch closes, they will instantly die. Repeat the process until all Warbeasts are dead to move on from this encounter. Note that you have limited chances to use the saferoom and you should generally finish this encounter in two or three phases.