The latest seasonal event for “Overwatch” is finally here. Fans were pleased to know that along with the Summer Games 2017 event, Blizzard has also brought back the previous year’s rewards. Players will also notice that the new update does not require any patch or download. The developers have also released a new video clip that highlights some of the notable items included in their special Loot Boxes. According to reports, players can collect over 50 new items, which include skins, sprays, and more. This is the first time the game features a recurring seasonal event.

Lucioball takes center stage once more in “Overwatch” Summer Games 2017

The Summer Games 2017 event is expected to also showcase a returning game mode, albeit with some tweaks. Lucioball becomes available once more as players participate in a 3V3 hybrid game of football. The gameplay is likened to that of another popular game called “Rocket League”. Unlike the aforementioned title, Lucioball automatically chooses Lucio for all participants and drops them in an arena complete with jump pads. This time around “Overwatch” has tweaked the game to prevent players from using Lucio’s Soundwave skill to push goalies out of the way.

New changes to Lucioball

Blizzard intends to make Lucioball the highlight of new event.

As such, they have made a few changes to how players handle the game. During last year’s seasonal event, “Overwatch” players can use Lucio’s Ultimate ability to pull the ball towards their player. Additionally, they can also use his Soundwave skill to push both the ball and opposing players away.

Now, activating his Ultimate gives players a significant speed boost as well as a higher jump even outside the jump pads.

Meanwhile, his Soundwave skill now only affects the ball. Another big change added to the game mode is the Copa Lucioball, which is a competitive mode for the game. A new stadium was also thrown in that features Sydney, Australia.

New skins for several heroes

Just as Jeff Kaplan confirmed via the Blizzard forums, new skins are also included with the sports-themed celebration.

Heroes like Mercy, Soldier 76, Sombra, Widowmaker, McCree, Reaper, and Junkrat receive legendary skins that can be unlocked from Loot Boxes. Players are most likely going to get the new Summer Games 2017 skins thanks to a recent “Overwatch” tweak that reduces the number of duplicates. The seasonal event starts today and will end on August 28.