The first time “Overwatch” fans heard about Doomfist was during the game’s first cinematic trailer. Gamers have since anticipated his arrival in the game and he finally made his first appearance. In his current build, the new hero has already proven to be a threat against a lot of characters. However, a lot of gamers have experienced how he can destroy enemies quickly with his skills. His Rocket Punch is currently the most devastating attack, especially near walls. Therefore, many veteran players pooled together some strategies on how to fight back against the powerful pugilist.

Look out for Doomfist’s Rocket Punch and walls

Overwatch” players who have encountered the full wrath of Doomfist should be familiar with the charge up sound for his Rocket Punch. Veterans warn against peeking around corners if the audio cue is heard unless you want to eat a powerful attack.

His ability is especially fearsome when enemies are knocked back against a wall, which allows him to deal up to 250 points of damage depending on the charge time. Players can try to be more aware of their surroundings and avoid staying close to walls and other structures.

Fight from a distance

Despite his mobility, Doomfist players still need to get up close in order to cause mayhem against the enemy team.

It should be noted that he only has 250 points of health just like most squishy characters. Not to mention that his large hitbox makes him an easy target to shoot from afar. His projectile attack is also very ineffective when he is far away from an enemy.

Ranged DPS characters can also take advantage of their long reach and take him out before he closes in.

Keeping him away means also preventing him from generating additional shields, making him easier to kill from afar. A combination of distance and damage can spell a quick death for the melee specialist. Sharp-shooting snipers can also easily take him down before he can cause some damage.

Barriers are no longer safe

When Blizzard Entertainment designed the new “Overwatch” hero, they made him capable of breaking through all kinds of barriers.

Reinhardt, Winston, and Orisa’s shields cannot keep him out. Doomfist’s Rocket Punch and his Meteor Strike can penetrate through shields. Teammates can also concentrate fire on him if he does push through their barrier.

Take advantage of his cooldowns and take him out quickly

“Overwatch” is known for its balanced gameplay, which is why Doomfist also comes with some weaknesses. His skills also have cooldowns that prevent him from exploiting his attacks. Gamers can also pay attention to the type of attacks he has executed, take evasive action, and quickly take him down.