Blizzard Entertainment launched the “OverwatchSummer Games 2017 event on Aug. 8. Lucioball is once again at the core of this event. There is a lot in store for gamers such as sprays, skins, new loot boxes and other such content. The studio has also released a new trailer highlighting part of the loot box content. The event went live after thorough server maintenance. While the Summer Games 2016 content has also been made available, the Summer Games 2017 loot boxes contain 50 new seasonal items.

Competitive Lucioball is now more fun!

“Overwatch” players can now log into their accounts to play the updated Lucioball.

They can earn a free loot box in Sydney, Australia stadium. Instead of pulling balls towards him, Lucio now buffs his own agility and speed. Playing competitive Lucioball will now get significantly better. Players’ wishes have been answered, and Blizzard has come up with a second Copa Lucioball arcade mode. According to Gamerant, the Lucioball Cup has a structure similar to the ranked “Overwatch.”

New Sprays in store

Thus, in order to participate in the Cup and go for top rankings, players have to first participate in 10 placement matches. Once done, these players will be given a rank matching their skills. It is then that they will try and climb up the rankings. There are exclusive sprays in store for players who go through placement matches and also if they feature among the top 500 players in Copa Lucioball.

The Summer Games 2017 event will last up to Aug. 28. Players have till Aug. 28 to take advantage of the loot box content.

"Overwatch" new skins discussed

Apart from Lucioball, players now have new skins too. The Cricket Junkrat skin is undoubtedly the best skin as it cuts a fine figure. According to Forbes, Côte d'Azur (Widowmaker) is the Femme Fatale of the skins and just like the Lifeguard (McCree) skin, it brings out the sex appeal aspect.

However, some feel that Grillmaster 76 (Soldier 76) is the clear winner. They feel everything about the skin is absolutely perfect. The Biker (Reaper) skin has got the sci-fi edge, which still seems grounded in 2017. Biker is surely an extreme sports daredevil.

As already mentioned, the Summer Games 2017 event has also brought back classic event loot box content and that too for the first time.

This could be a tad frustrating for the players, as the loot boxes may simply pick older Legendaries and not the new ones. However, players can also get their hands on older items at normal prices and not at 3x prices for new items. “Overwatch” is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.