Before it was officially announced, data-miners have already discovered evidence of a returning seasonal event for “Overwatch”. Their discovery was made along with the files that hinted about Doomfist’s impending arrival. The event was going to be a revisit of the Summer Games 2016, which was also launched early August last year. Fans know that Blizzard likes to feature new stuff every time there is a new seasonal celebration. However, unlike past events where the content is usually leaked ahead of time, this year’s celebration has been carefully kept under wraps.

Nonetheless, an image of Mercy shows her clothed in a Greek-inspired costume.

'Overwatch' Summer Games 2017 promo image leaks new Mercy skin

Reports claim the leaked Mercy skin was taken from a marketing image for “Overwatch” shared by Blizzard China. The image shows two heroes, Doomfist with his regular costume and Mercy in a never-before-seen outfit. A lot of fans have speculated that this could be her new Summer Games 2017 skin. The returning event’s theme seems to be centered on sports and the Olympic theme. Others have also noted that she looks like the goddess Nike from Greek mythology.

More deity-inspired skins for other heroes

Some reports have also speculated that the developer has more skins prepared for the other characters.

The leaked Mercy skin could be a hint that the remaining costumes might also feature designs based on other deities. Game director Jeff Kaplan also revealed through the Blizzard forums that Sombra will get a new skin during the event. It is currently unknown how many heroes will receive new skins this time around.

Lucioball and previous skins make their return

The developers have also announced that Summer Games 2017 will give players a chance to score last year’s prizes. These can be earned through Loot Boxes or purchased with in-game credits for a discounted price. The popular Lucioball will also make a comeback together with gameplay tweaks and a new stage set in Australia.

A competitive mode with leaderboards will also make its debut and will be named Copa Lucioball.

Balance adjustments and more

Gameplay-wise the Summer Games 2017 is also expected to come with some balance changes. Roadhog and Junkrat are speculated to receive some buffs with the update. Moreover, Jeff Kaplan has also teased “Overwatch” fans to watch out for some extra “silly stuff”, but did not explain further. Let's hope that Mercy's deity costume is a clue of what to expect for the shooter's other heroes.