"Stardew Valley" has become a major hit since it released back in February 2016. This indie farming simulator pays homage to the traditional "Harvest Moon" games released back on classic platforms. Players can propagate their farm by plowing the fields, go fishing, raid mines, and even settle down and marry. Moreover, players have praised the game for being progressive as every action you do leads to growth, one way or another. With all of this being said, here are three major reasons why you should play Stardew Valley and start your new life as a bonafide farmer.

The intricate crafting system

According to Paste Magazine, one thing that separates “Harvest Moon” from “Stardew Valley” is its Crafting system. The indie farming game allows you to combine various items like minerals, wood, and rocks to create things like Mayonnaise makers, bee houses and the like that can all be used to improve the farm. Crafting also allows the freedom for you to control how you can thrive in the world of “Stardew Valley,” be it through brewing, creating goods, or by farming.

Slaying monsters

While the “Rune Factory” franchise has been iconic for merging farming and dungeon crawling, “Stardew Valley” has also added combat as a feature. Players who delve deeper in the mines will have to prepare themselves against some tough foes.

Aside from being a farmer, you can turn your avatar into an RPG hero with all kinds of clothing and accessories that will help with the exploration process. Moreover, dungeon crawling also acts as a good distraction from the mundane life in town. If you ever get tired of hanging around the villagers, you can slay the undead instead.

Romance and equality

“Stardew Valley” has a friendship and Romance system similar to other simulator games wherein the player can give items and participate in events to grow closer with the villagers. There are a selected number of NPCs in the game that the player can woo and, in turn, start a family with. After marriage, you can also choose to have babies and if it doesn’t work out, you could always turn to divorce.

Luckily, the game is also open to the LGBT community as all characters are romanceable, regardless the gender. And yes, you can still get children as your significant other will offer the choice for adoption.

Overall, “Stardew Valley” is a flexible simulator game that allows a wealth of options from farming to exploration. However, the most satisfying thing in the game is probably knowing that you’re slowing progressing in your virtual life.