Video Games can be used as a way to relax and unwind after a long day. After arriving home from school or work, sometimes playing the right game is all you need to relax. There are several genres in gaming that can help people de-stress and the Farming simulators are one of them. Here, you’ll usually take control of a person who works on a farm. Let’s take a look at some of the best farming games you can play to sit back, relax, and enjoy your virtual life.

'Harvest Moon'

When it comes to farming, the “Harvest Moon” franchise is the first franchise that would usually come to most players’ minds.

All of their games involve farming and animal husbandry as your character settles into their new home. You’ll have to live off the land to make your way, but several entries like “Grand Bazaar” allow more ways for players to make a living. Aside from all the work you’ll be doing, you can also mingle with the townsfolk and partake in the various events throughout the year. Moreover, you can even choose to marry in the game as there will be selected bachelors/bachelorettes you can woo. “Harvest Moon” is a beloved series in the gaming industry that has captured the hearts of many fans.

'Stardew Valley'

Despite being a new title in the gaming industry, “Stardew Valley” has gained in popularity and become something of a standard when it comes to farming games.

Just like in “Harvest Moon,” you’ll be farming to make a living and participating in events while mingling with the townsfolk. The game also has a marriage mechanic, but one unique feature that comes with it is the option for same-sex marriage. “Stardew Valley” also has a more complex mining system as you can occasionally fight monsters as you dig deeper into the battered mines.

There’s no denying the simple charm that this game has, and it continues to attract new fans.

'Rune Factory'

The “Rune Factory” series is something of a spin-off of the “Harvest Moon” franchise. With that in mind, you’ll be tending to your farm and animals on the side. However, these “animals” are actually monsters that you fight in fields and dungeons.

You can give them items they like until they decide to live with you. These creatures can also provide certain goods per day which you can ship, and you can take your monsters with you when exploring. If you’re looking for a good farming simulator where you can fight, “Rune Factory” is right up your alley, and something definitely worth checking out.