A Super Incubator might be added in the most popular augmented reality game soon. New information recently surfaced online about a new item that might be introduced in “Pokemon Go.” There are speculations that players might get the new item along with the release of the next game update.

Super Incubator

According to a report from “Pokemon Go” Hub, text assets about the brand new Super Incubator were recently added to the augmented reality game’s backend files. The text files revealed that this new item will enable players to hatch eggs in the game more quickly.

However, it seems that the item is disposable as it will allegedly break after single use. Aside from those, the Super Incubator will decrease the distance of the egg through a fixed multiplier.

There are speculations among fans right now that the upcoming item could be a Premium one since it is indicated that it can be used only once. If this is indeed a premium item, players can only purchase it from the in-game store.

Release Date

Although there are assumptions right now that it will be released along with the next game update, nothing has been confirmed yet. It appears that the new item is not yet ready to roll out in the game since only text assets were discovered in the game’s backend. So far, there is no image found in the files, which means that the developer will have to have the image for the new item ready before it will be finally introduced in the game.

Other codes discovered

Aside from the Super Incubator, there are other codes that were recently discovered hidden in the game’s file. Among this includes the Master Ball, which is expected to provide 100 percent accuracy in terms of catch rate. There are also several Berries and Incense found in the files. Moreover, an image asset for Honey has been uncovered also in the files.

This item has the same ability as the Incense.

More Legendary adventures

Meanwhile, the Legendary Bird Zapdos is scheduled to leave the game on August 14. Fans are wondering if the bird’s exit would mean the end of the Legendary activities in the game. However, Niantic Labs recently teased the players that more Legendary adventures are going to happen in the game.

With Zapdos’ exit in “Pokemon Go” fans are expecting that another Mythical creature, Ho-Oh will be introduced to the game during the Stadium Event in Japan on August 14. Niantic Labs has not yet made a comment on any of this information.