“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” has been one of the most successful RPGs ever made. Even if the game is a bit old, it keeps getting a lot of new contents through mods, which is one of the reasons why “Skyrim” is still being played by many. Recently, a modder named Delta 6, created a MOD that lets players have their own wings. It is called The Divine Conjuration. There are a lot of features in it, such as transforming into an angel, and other divine beings that have wings. The Divine Conjuration mod is still in development stage.

Due to this, players might experience some bugs and issues while playing with it, especially for those who are running the special edition of “Skyrim.”

How does the mod work

In order to make it work, players will have to craft mutagens in any cooking stations. Consuming the crafted mutagens will give the character wings. There are 30 different mutagens that players can choose from, which has its own style. Every animation of it also features different sounds for a more realistic experience. Even if the character sprints, jumps or perform different activities, the wings will stay attached properly. In order to remove it, players will have to consume Cure Mutation potion, which is also craftable.

The mod also works on all races in the game. Having wings also remove the fall damage. Players will also notice an increased jump height while the mod is activated. There are also four different wings in the mod. They are called Sorcerer, Guardian, and Soul Hound, which have their own style. Players can also color their them, giving it a more stylish look.

According to Delta 6, they said that they will bring more updates in the future of Divine Conjuration. Delta 6 said that they are looking to improve the colors of it, as there are some parts that seem dark. More animation improvements are also confirmed in the future of Divine Conjuration.

Mods that work with Divine Conjuration

There are tons of mods that fit well for the Divine Conjuration. First is the Apocalypse, which adds over 133 new spells. This mod will be a perfect partner for the Divine Conjuration as the character can cast spells while wings are active. Players can also try the Simply Bigger Trees, which enlarges trees for a better view while flying. The Aasimar Race is also a perfect mod for Divine Conjuration as it adds a new race that came from heaven. The wings will be a perfect fit for the race where players can role-play as a fallen angel.