Mewtwo will be released in the Exclusive Raid of “Pokemon Go” after the departure of the Legendary Birds in the game. The recent newsletter hints at a potential release date of the much-awaited legendary creature.

Mewtwo on Exclusive Raid

On Reddit a user, by the name ballybomb, said that the latest newsletter emailed by the company could have hinted on the release of the Legendary pocket monster in the game’s latest Exclusive Raids. According to the Redditor, it is possible that Mewtwo could be in the raid after August 31. The recent newsletter informed the players that the legendary pocket monster Mewtwo is arriving in the new Exclusive Raid Battles.

Players are informed that for the meantime, Legendary Birds such as Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos will be in the game’s Raid Battles for a limited time, which is until August 31.

The game made the announcement about Mewtwo on August 14 and the Legendary Birds are only until August 31. Players can’t help but think that given the timeframe and the statement from the newsletter, it is possible that the much-awaited Legendary monster will be launched after August 31 or September 1.

Mansion Journals

The alleged September 1 launch also coincides with the creature’s story in the Pokemon Mansion Journals. The journal is a series of diary entries by a researcher who documented in detail the birth and escape of Mewtwo.

The Journals are available in the Generation 1 games of the franchise. The journal talks of Mew’s discovery in the jungle on July 5. The creature gave birth to Mewtwo on February 5. On September 1, the entry in the journal read that the creature has grown so powerful and could not be anymore controlled.

Launch date

These are all just speculations since no information about the exact launch of the Legendary pocket monster has been revealed yet.

However, players will be notified in advance before the Exclusive Raids start. Trainers will receive an invitation and advance notice of when the much-awaited raid is happening.

Raids Rewards System

Meanwhile, Niantic Labs has recently rolled out minor changes in the rewards that players earn from raid battles in “Pokemon Go.” Aside from the usual Revives, TMs, and Rare Candies, Super Potions, Potions, Hyper Potions, and Max Potions are now added to the rewards. This recent change has drawn varying reactions from players. Some are happy to see the latest changes while other feel that the rewards have been nerfed.