Online multiplayer games are getting more popular in today's gaming industry. However, there are still a lot of single-player games that are being played until now. Some of them are popular in because of the gameplay, while some of them are loved because of the story. Most of the games today also requires an internet connection. Due to this, some gamers seek for the best games that don't require the internet to play. Here are the Top 3 single-Player Games to try this 2017.

'The Last of Us'

The “Last of Us” is one of the most popular single-player games until today.

It is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game with a very impressive storyline. The zombies in the game are very powerful, which is very different than other zombie survival games. There are two main characters in the game, which are Joel and Ellie. Both characters will have to survive throughout the apocalypse.

The game has a scavenging system, where players will have to search for ammunitions, medicines and weapons. Players can also upgrade Joel's equipment, as well as improve his skills. The sequel to the “Last of Us” was previously announced, making most of the fans very excited.

'Dark Souls'

“Dark Souls” is considered one of the most challenging games ever made. It is believed that no gamer has ever finished the game without dying.

The game has an impressive combat system, where every movement of the enemy is repetitive. However, the damage to every enemy in the game is extremely massive, making most of the upgrades and equipment of the character useless.

Players that are looking for hardcore games will definitely love playing “Dark Souls”. The game is also popular for its stunning graphics.

The “Dark Souls” game franchise now has 3 sequels, giving every gamer a chance to get challenged again, especially for those who finished the previous versions of the game.

'Fallout 3'

Many gamers are saying that “Fallout 3” is the best version of the Fallout game series. The game also has a lot of mods, which will give players a much better gameplay.

Most features of the “Fallout 4” can also be featured in “Fallout 3” through mods, such as crafting, building a base and being raided by bandits.

Due to this, more players prefer playing “Fallout 3” than “Fallout 4”. The game also has a very low system requirements than “Fallout 4”, making it playable on almost any PCs today. There are also a lot of DLCs for “Fallout 3”, which contains new missions and weapons.