Bethesda’s “Game of Thrones video game is not on the cards after all, and this could be bad news for the big fans of massive HBO fantasy series. It turns out that the leaked listing purportedly found on Target’s website is a hoax or fake.

Target listing is fake

Apparently, Gamespot received an alert from its sources that people can imitate Target websites. Not long ago, another alleged listing also suggested that Rockstar Games was working on the same project. So, this is not the first time that the game based on the popular TV series was said to be in the works.

It was only recently when a slew of reports broke on the internet and revealed that Bethesda is reportedly working on “Game of Thrones” project. It sent many of the fans in a frenzy.

However, this piece of information suspiciously came out right in time for the airing of the HBO series’ Season 7 finale.

Apparently, the latest leak stemmed from an incomplete page on Target’s website indicating that Bethesda Game Studios known for AAA RPGs may be working on a secret project based on the insanely popular fantasy epic on HBO.

Some fans saw the said page and shared it on NeoGAF. It appears almost empty though, only showing a header that read “Bethesda: Game of Thrones.

The category labels, however, suggested that it was only intended to be a featured product and it didn’t say that it is a video game.

Now, it seems that there is nothing to it other than some fabricated lie to mislead the gaming fans.

Bethesda working on five secret projects

Game pundits did think that Bethesda’s admirable job in “The Elder Scrolls” Tamriel saga of dragons and revenge makes it a perfect developer that can deliver the show’s standards in a video game.

Bethesda confirmed earlier this year that it is currently working on five projects, at the very least but are kept secret at this time. Studio director revealed that two larger projects are normally what they do, even bigger.

At the moment, Telltale Games is now working Season 2 of “Game of Thrones: A Tell Game Series.” The first season saw an episodic release of its own take on the series back in 2014.

GOT Season 7 finale the most-watched ever

Meanwhile, GOT Season 7 aired its 79-minute epic finale on Monday and hailed as the most-watched episode ever. Fans saw the much-awaited revelation of main character Jon Snow’s parentage, which confirms him as the true heir to the Iron Throne.

“Game of Thrones” will take another long hiatus before Season 8 airs as the series finale in 2019 on HBO.