One of the most eagerly-awaited game sequels has been speculated to be a console-exclusive title only. “Red Dead Redemption 2” was never officially confirmed to have a PC port since its announcement. It being a console-only game is further supported by the fact that “Red Dead Redemption” was never ported over to the PC platform.

Obviously, these rumors have disappointed a lot of PC gaming enthusiasts because they will miss out on another AAA game from Take-Two. Surprisingly, the publisher recently shared some details that hinted otherwise.

Take-Two earnings call talks 'Red Dead Redemption 2'

The encouraging news came from Take-Two President Karl Slatoff. During a recent quarterly earnings call with their investors, he was able to answer questions with regards to the PC platform. He was quoted to have said that “the PC market is vibrant for us,” which skirted around the actual question about a PC port for “Red Dead Redemption 2”. The publisher’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, was also present and likewise avoided a direct answer to the question mentioned above about the Western sequel.

The discussion was laden with indirect hints

Both Zelnick and Slatoff noticeably kept their answers general and avoided a direct confirmation of the sequel’s PC port.

They said that the PC market is “a great market for us. It’s a big market. It’s a core market in consumers that are highly engaged.” They also pointed out that PC gamers primarily get their games digitally, which is more cost-effective for the company since they don’t have to create physical copies of the game. Furthermore, they claimed that the platform “is very important” and is “something we focus on,” they added.

Just like 'Grand Theft Auto 5'

Back when "Grand Theft Auto 5" was announced, gamers only expected the sandbox crime game to come out for consoles. However, Take-Two released a PC version of the game a couple of months after it was launched. A lot of fans familiar with the publisher’s sly tendencies believe that the management’s comments are already a surefire confirmation.

However, there is still some shadow of doubt lingering around among fans since the first game never got the PC treatment.

Consoles will always come first

Gaming industry experts believe that just like other successful Take-Two titles before, consoles will get the game first. Both executives already agreed that the PC market is very lucrative for them to pass off. “Red Dead Redemption 2” is expected to hit retailers sometime during the first half of 2018. A PC port will most likely follow a couple of months after or maybe even earlier.