There is no doubt thatSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole” is among the hotly anticipated video games finally coming in 2017. Its release date was pushed back twice, however, Ubisoft talked how this delay was actually and necessarily a good thing for everyone.

In a recent developer interview, Ubisoft senior producer and game director Jason Schroeder offered a peek at the development offscreen with “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker and going beyond their limits.

Reason behind the delay

While Schroeder may have already talked about the reason behind the delay, he shed more light on the matter.

The delay was banked on fans’ high expectations, including that of Ubisoft as well as Matt and Trey’s, of course.

He recalled that they took a step back to look at the game’s current form and if it met everybody’s expectations. When the answer was a “no,” then they all knew there was a need for more time, hence the delay was necessary.

The extra time was allotted to polish the content of the game and to be utterly certain that they won’t compromise a joke on any of the game's moments and give players memorable stuff that they expect from the game.

Unique content

Schroeder also talked about how Matt and Trey got their things across and it could be surprising. He went on saying that the content is unique, basically because fans can interact with it.

Since the video game is interactive, players get involved instead of just watching, for example, Peppermint Hippo, on the Comedy Central show.

No plans for Nintendo Switch for now

When quizzed whether the delay could have also offered an opportunity for Ubisoft to release the game for other platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Schroeder reiterated what was reported earlier that there are no current plans to launch on the new Nintendo console.

Ubisoft is currently focusing on Xbox One, PS4, and PC hardware. So, at this time, it remains to be seen whether there could a chance it might reach the Nintendo platform at some point in the future.

Season 21 tidbits

In related news, it looks like fans of the hit cartoon show "South Park" will have to wait a bit longer for Season 21 to air on the small screen.

It will be delayed from its initial August 23 air date to September 13.

Comedy Central confirmed the news recently, without giving the reason behind it. Matt and Trey also said that the show would step away from Trump jokes in this season.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole will hit Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 17, 2017.