Bethesda has recently revealed that players will be able to customize their gameplay experience in “The Evil Within 2.” They can go on a mission and finish it as a stealth killer, or they can lure enemies in and trap them until they die.

Customizing and crafting confirmed

Game director John Johanas revealed recently that their upcoming video game would have new crafting and customization systems due to the expansion of the stages they have made. They want the players to make their journeys unique as they go through the game and they will have their unique play styles as well.

However, the game developers explained that players would not be able to make Sebastian into an invincible killing machine in the game. What they can do is to improve his stats by making him harder, faster, and sneakier, but the catch is that they have to be smart about it. The developers are asking the players to prepare at least to go into the Union with these customizations.

No more Green Gel

Players who have played “The Evil Within” will be happy to know that customizing Sebastian and his gear has been improved this time around due to the removal of the Green Gel requirement. They will not have to suffer on choosing which weapons or gear to upgrade, and they can save their resources that they have worked hard for.

This time around, players will be able to use the Gel on upgrading the protagonist, while they will use the items called Weapon Parts to upgrade the weapons.

Five status upgrades

In “The Evil Within 2,” players will get the chance to upgrade five status categories for Sebastian in order for him to have better chances of living through it.

They can upgrade these stats with the Green Gel to add some points for each stat.

Adding a point in Health will increase the chances of the main protagonist of surviving an attack that would have killed him before, and it increases the Life Gauge. Stealth will make him move better while crouching, and it will allow some Sneak Kills to be unlocked.

Players who want to go all out will want to increase the Combat stat to increase the damage of Sebastian’s melee attacks. It also decreases the kick back when they would fire guns and holds it steady. Recovery will increase the recovery speed from near-death status, and it will also increase the chances of using the Medical Syringe automatically when taking a critical hit.

To Increase the Stamina Gauge in “The Evil Within 2,” players will have to increase the Athleticism status. It will also give them chances to auto-avoid certain attacks.

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