More details have been recently found in the latest update released for “Pokemon Go.” Among them includes the much-awaited Super Incubator. Potential changes to the Shiny variant of pocket monsters in the augmented reality game are also discovered. Moreover, updates on the latest Exclusive Raids in the game were also found.

Super Incubator

More information about the highly anticipated new Super Incubator in “Pokemon Go” has been recently found in the update teardown performed by the people at Silph Road. In my previous report, I shared information on the text assets found in the backend files of the game.

This is further backed by the latest discoveries supported by the changes in the game’s code. The Super Incubator is believed to be a new item in the augmented reality game that will foster much faster egg hatching.

In the latest update, the standard incubator received a makeover as well. In addition, we found out that the soon-to-be-released Super Incubator will be available in a unique purple look. So far, it is still unknown if the item will be given in a form of reward to the player or if it will be for sale in-game.


Aside from the Super Incubator, there are also noteworthy additions in the codes of Shiny variants of pocket monsters as to how they will sparkle in the game. Text assets that contain ambiguous wording such as shinySpawn effects are also found.

Most likely this applies to the way the particle effects will be shown when the monster spawns in the game.

Exclusive Raids

The much-awaited Exclusive Raid for Mewtwo has also received numerous additions. The mechanic of the new raid appears to be massively updated with the latest patch. Among the finds includes text assets like ExclusiveRaidWonEmblem, exclusiveRaidDecalColor, and other assets.

There are also several tweaks found in the Raid System code. Among these are the user count in the lobby, spawn timers, and raid timers. A new text asset DefaultRaidItemRewards is also found that could be just a placeholder. The recent discoveries do not necessarily suggest changes to the regular Raid mechanics. These are most likely preparing the Gyms for the upcoming Exclusive Raids.

Other interesting discoveries include the fact that the movesets of the pocket monsters are now searchable text in the game’s screen. Several known bug fixes are also found in the game’s latest update. Fans are still waiting for the announcement on the release of Mewtwo in the Exclusive raids of “Pokemon Go.”