"Jak and Daxter" was one of the most beloved and classic Video Game Franchises on the PlayStation 2. It is equally popular to the other great game series "Ratchet and Clank."

Both of the video game franchises were easily one of the greatest hits among gamers. The series left behind a lasting legacy and it is only continuing by being added on the powerful PlayStation 4.

The legacy of the game series

"Jak and Daxter" at the time was one of the best PlayStation 2 exclusives and it arrived at the height of the PS2 system. The console became very popular among gamers and rose to new heights.

And it was partly due to highly acclaimed game exclusives like the series in particular.

The series brought about varied environments, realistic and intimate characters, great gameplay/action, and a compelling story. The games offered a lot as a whole with side missions and achievements/cheats to unlock. The games were a masterpiece and critics applauded studio Naughty Dog for making such a good series. Not only were the games entertaining, but they were also equally comedic as main characters Jak and his lovable companion Daxter would try to survive and get through the toughest of situations.

4 games arriving to the PS4

An article written by Eddie Makuch via GameSpot.com gives the details on what "Jak and Daxter" games are arriving onto the PS4 and when exactly.

Sony has been adding plenty of games to the PS4 game library and more will be added with this pristine series. The company confirmed via its blog post today that the first three games will be arriving on the PlayStation 4.

The games included will be "Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy," "Jak II," and "Jak 3." They will all be made available through the online PlayStation Store later in the year as stated by the article.

Additionally, the game "Jak X: Combat Racing," will be on the PlayStation 4 at some point later this year. The first three games are the best out of the whole series, while the fourth one is sorely a racing game with cut-scenes.

Why should I buy it?

Well, the games will be updated and include better graphical enhancements at 1080p and include trophies.

In addition, players will be able to utilize features such as Shareplay and Remote Play, as indicated in the article.

For now, we do not know a price tag of how much all four games will cost or if they will all be sold together or separate. People should just stay tuned for more information. Naughty Dog has their hands tied with new games that they are currently developing, but hope is still alive for another new game.

The PS2 library on the PS4 includes 40 titles already with games like, "Red Dead Revolver," "Psychonauts," "Star Wars: Bounty Hunter," and "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas."

Sony has a lot of plans ahead

News has come out that Sony will be announcing new things for PlayStation fans.

It could very well be a new console release. Sony has done its job in giving gamers what they want in great exclusive games, quality service, and at convenient prices.

This year was an impressive one for gaming with games like "Overwatch," "Horizon: Zero Dawn," among others. It is noted that there will be many sport games coming out pretty soon as well like "Madden NFL 18."

Looking ahead, next year is also looking to be impressive as well with many diverse and superb PlayStation exclusives coming out. Fans and gamers will be looking to buy one of the best PlayStation exclusives ever made in "Jak and Daxter," with improved graphics and achievements to unlock. The first game is currently available to play via the PlayStation Store.