Although much of the hype has died down in comparison to last year, "Pokemon Go" is still going strong. The developer, Niantic, plans to hold more "Pokemon Go" events as the year progresses. There are also more plans to release more Pokemon and to start rewards for Legendary Raids. Some of these plans are becoming a reality in less than two weeks.

New 'Pokemon Go' events in the United States

Niantic has recently announced plans to hold some smaller "Pokemon Go" events in San Jose and Philadelphia. Many people organizing these events are pushing for participants to visit local landmarks and different places that offer other activities as well.

These events will hopefully be useful in promoting some tourism to the area. Players can expect to see an increase in PokeStops and more wild Pokemon to be caught.

While the dates for these events have not been announced yet, it has been announced that Niantic will be sponsoring a Pocket Monster adventure. The "Pocket Monster" adventure will take place in Akron, Ohio on August 26th and 27th. The event in Akron hopes to allow residents, visitors, and university students to come together, socialize, and explore what downtown Akron has to offer. Since the event is taking place during the University of Akron's freshman orientation, there are high expectations that people will take this opportunity to get to know each other.

The Mewtwo release and legendary raids

Although there is no set release date for Mewtwo, "Pokemon Go" players are speculating that Mewtwo will come into the game after the current Legendary event ends. Mewtwo will be available through exclusive raids, which are invitation only. That being said, players should know the official Mewtwo release date soon enough.

In order to receive an invitation to an exclusive raid, players would have to have recently completed a raid by defeating the boss at the gym where the exclusive raid will be held. The invitation for the excluse raid will give players more details on when raids will be held so they can gather teammates and supplies.

Players have recently received new rewards to players who complete raids.

These new rewards include Super, Hyper, and Max Potions. However, players are hoping for a chance for a new rewards system as they receive similar rewards regardless of the difficulty of the raid they are completing.

It is with high hopes that Niantic will patch some things up and players hope to see Mewtwo by September.