There will be more Legendary raids in “Pokemon Go” after Zapdos leaves the game on August 14. It seems that the raids will run for the entire Summer of 2017. Niantic Labs has been teasing players of the augmented reality game about this.

Legendary Raids

In an email sent by Niantic Labs, the developer appears to be hinting on a potential extension of the Legendary raids in “Pokemon Go” even after Zapdos leaves the augmented reality game on Monday. According to the email, mythical birds such as Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos were seen in the game, and it’s asking the players if they have already tried having encountered these birds in the battle.

In addition, the developer also gave the schedule of availability of Team Instinct’s mascot, Zapdos in the game.

Moreover, Niantic Labs encourage players to team up with other Trainers. It also advised to line up the pocket monsters carefully when facing against these powerful mythical birds in battles. Interestingly, the game developer wished players good luck and hinted on more legendary adventures in the game. The last line caught the players’ interest since there is a common assumption that the Legendary Madness in the game is going to end very soon. So far, the game developer has not yet revealed its plans for the remaining days of summer after Zapdos exits the game on Monday. Even though Niantic has not yet announced the end date for Lugia, fans are expecting that the mythical bird will not also stay long in the game.

More Legendaries

Aside from those, fans are also speculating that more Legendary pocket monsters are going to be released in the game after the first set exits the augmented reality game. It is worth noting that on August 14, players in Japan will have a major event in Yokohama. Fans are expecting that the Legendary Bird Ho-Oh will be released during this event.

Currently, Articuno, Lugia, Moltres, and Zapdos were already introduced and released. Five more legendary pocket monsters can be released in the game including Mewtwo.

Pikachu Outbreak Festival

Meanwhile, the Pikachu Outbreak Festival has already started in Japan. The festive celebration will release 1,500 Pikachu in Japan with exciting activities to offer to fans.

The event starts on August 9 and will run until August 15. There will be parades, meet and greet, and many other exciting activities that fans will surely enjoy. Fans are expecting more events and activities that will be released soon in “Pokemon Go.”