A new trailer for the upcoming professional wrestling title, “WWE 2K18” has been released. The latest gameplay footage shows off the graphical improvements of the in-game character models for wrestlers Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, and Randy Orton. This is the fourth episode released from the game’s Spotlight Series.

Latest gameplay trailer

After releasing several screenshots from the game, the game developer released the Gameplay Trailer of the wrestlers in action. It is worth noting that the developer has been assuring fans that massive visual improvements will be implemented in their next title.

With the way the latest trailer and screenshots impress the fans, it seems that the game developer is keeping their promise. The latest gameplay trailer of “WWE 2K18” shows that the makers of the wrestling game have given more attentions to minor details as compared to its previous game installments. The video shows several accessories on the wrestlers such as the inclusion of the Championship Belts and Steel Chairs to name a few.

Visual improvements

According to the game’s Creative Director Lynell Jinks, their aim is not only to make the best wrestling title ever created but also to be the best looking game ever. He added that their team of engineers and artists worked passionately to enhance the quality of the game’s art assets, props, environment, and superstars.

The creative director noted that they have added new shaders and lighting models to improve the rendering quality of the game’s superstars. Aside from this, Jinks revealed that the team even checked back on the 2K15 superstar models and applied a nice touch to give them a fresher look.

Other details

For the upcoming title, Seth Rollins was chosen as the cover star.

This will be the first incident that a full-time wrestler will be the cover of the game after John Cena with 2K15. The game will center on John Cena’s a decade and a half career. It will also cover the superstar’s rise to fame and his journey in getting the iconic face for the company. Aside from Cena, the US Olympian and Hall of Famer Kurt Angle will also be available as a pre-order bonus.

WWE 2K18” is slated to officially release on October 17, 2017.

The upcoming professional wrestling title will be playable on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will also be released on the hybrid console, Nintendo Switch but it is scheduled for Fall of 2017. The Collector’s Edition of the game, which contains premium items, packaging, and an action figure, is also available now for pre-order.