There are several creepy glitches that were discovered in “Pokemon Go.” Although there are glitches that frustrate and disappoint players, there are those that are hilarious and eerie including Two-Headed Houndooms and Weedle with the trainer’s face among others.


A few days ago, there were several players who reported having encountered glitches in the Premier Balls and Gym Control Bonus in the augmented reality game. While Niantic labs are still trying to fix the problem, another set of glitches were recently reported by several players in the game.

These glitches are not in a way frustrating players. Some of them are hilarious and add more fun to the game.

In their search for pocket monsters in the real-world, several “Pokemon Go” players were able to encounter unique and rather glitchy creatures. These players who saw the distinctiveness of the creatures were quick to screenshot these monsters. Interestinglyevidencees of these bizarre glitches are most often shared online to check whether other players have encountered the same. These acts are helpful to the game developer as they are able to fix issues.


Players like Houndoom because of its cool aesthetics. It has black and orange skin with curved horns. With the glitch, this Dark and Fire type monster’s appearance was taken to a different level.

Houndoom looks like Cerberus less one head. The pocket monster appears to have two heads. The glitch was captured and was shared on Reddit by use rickd303. His post was backed by other users who spotted the same two headed pocket monster.


Aside from the two-headed, Cerberus-looking Houndoom, other players spotted a creepy Weedle because of a glitch.

More than being funny, the bug makes the pocket monster appearance a very disturbing one. It is like looking at a horror film where the killer has deliberately butchered its victim. The screenshot image of the creature shows Weedle having some human-like features. The glitch merged a person’s face on the pocket monster’s face that produced an eerie image.

The image was shared online by a user named tttkkk. According to the user, the glitch occurred right after the capture of Weedle. After the capture sequence was done, the creature did not totally disappear. The form was replaced by a familiar model that appears to have taken the face of a Trainer.


Meanwhile, Zapdos is leaving “Pokemon Go” on August 14. Currently, Niantic Labs has not yet announced any event that is connected with the Legendary creatures or Raids. However, a recent email from the company sent to the players has sparked speculations that there is a big chance that the Raids will last until the end of summer.