Battle Raids in “Pokemon Go” are filled with Bugs. The new element recently introduced in the popular augmented reality game has become popular among players even though it was released just last month. With numerous players enjoying the raids, most have been disappointed with how glitchy the entire system is. Here is a rundown of the bugs that are affecting gameplay.


Since the Raids in “Pokemon Go” were launched, Dodge Bug has been causing frustrations among players. Sometimes, a Raid Boss will unexpectedly gain HP during mid-battle like someone is healing them.

There are times players will successfully dodge an attack from the Raid Boss but will eventually faint. Interestingly, the player’s monster comes back to life after several seconds. This is a Dodge or a Stutter bug, which has been causing problems to players ever since.

The issue stems from the player’s momentary loss of connection to the game’s servers. During this time, an algorithm takes control and calculates the damage a player is dealing and causing while waiting for the game to reconnect. Upon reconnecting to the server or to the backup server, the damage is being recalculated, which results in the stutter that players experience in the game often.

Last Ball

When Niantic Labs introduced the Legendary Birds in the game, some players observed that they were not able to catch a Raid Boss using their last Premier Ball.

While some players were shrugging it off at first, a video of Magikarp Raid Boss escaping from a throw 99.9 percent success rate convinced them. The game developer acknowledged the bug and even gave out an extra Premier Ball in every Raid Boss catch encounter. So far, Niantic Labs has not released a fix for this bug, the extra Premier Ball serves as a temporary solution.

Damage Contribution Reset

The Damage Contribution Reset was recently discovered after the player’s six-monster-lineup has all fainted. The player has the choice to join the fight again or wait in the lobby. However, when the player decides to rejoin the fight with a new set of creatures, the damage contribution is being reset.

This makes it much harder to earn Premier Balls upon defeating the Raid Boss. Right now, it is unclear if this is intentionally designed or because of a bug. However, this is definitely a bad experience for players, which causes many of them to spend the last part of the fight in the lobby.

There are other bugs that players discovered in the Raids in “Pokemon Go.” Aside from those mentioned earlier, some players are reporting about Bonus Bugs, Team Control Bug, and Curveball Bug among others.