The next major update coming to the popular augmented reality game could be improvements with its Raids. The information came from the game's senior project engineer in an interview conducted by "Pokemon Go" Hub. Aside from the Raids, the engineer also revealed that improvements in the stability and performance of the game are also in the works.

Raids improvement

Senior Project Manager Tatsuo Nomura answered several questions about the worldwide hit augmented reality game in a recent interview with the Hub. This includes the current priorities of the game developer.

It appears that Niantic Labs is well-aware of the recent issues in the game raised by players. The senior product manager talked about some of the game developer's plans, which are focused on making raids playable to all players. Nomura also mentioned the team’s knowledge of the issues regarding the ability to coordinate raids.

In addition, the game’s senior project manager said that they are aware of the coordination issue and already have several ideas on how to address and improve it. Nomura noted that they are not yet ready to announce anything yet, but underlined that they want to prioritize on the improvement of the playability of the raids. The project manager’s comment is in response to the Reddit posts about an upcoming mechanism that will most likely improve the coordination of the raids.

Organizing raids in rural areas

There have been several complaints raised by players, particularly those in the rural areas, when it comes to the difficulty of organizing raids. In the Legendary Raids, for example, at least four players are required to beat the Mythical creature. According to these players, it is very hard to form a group within the allotted two-hour time limit.

Exclusive Raid

The highly anticipated release of Mewtwo in the game through the Exclusive Raid could temporarily fix the issue raised by players about the raids. The new type of raid will send notifications to participants as to the time and location of the Exclusive Raid. However, there are still some concerns about rural players getting invited to the raids.

It is possible to launch a local chat that will be used to coordinate participants within the area. Another option could be using a website to serve as a tracker of these raids. In other game, Ingress, Niantic Labs has a website dedicated to tracking the team’s progress and locate portals nearby.

The interview also revealed that the game developer is also currently working on improving the performance and stability issues in “Pokemon Go.” This will also improve the battery life of the device used by players. Fans are hoping that measures would be released soon so they could enjoy the game given the imminent launch of the Exclusive Raids.