Junkrat is perhaps one of the most picked heroes in “Overwatch.” This is especially true when it comes to defending. He just has the right explosive stuff.

With the rework Blizzard that did, the explosive expert is starting to become more interesting than ever. Remember that he is now able to double jump, giving him more mobility. In a video courtesy of KarQ and PvpTwitch, fans will get to see how Junkrat can be a nightmare to every single hero in the game.


A better way to stop an advancing Doomfist is using Trap. This should put the gauntlet-wearing hero to a full stop.

From there, players can easily put on firepower and throw a Concussion Mine.


To avoid the cyborg ninja’s Deflect, simply throw the Concussion Mine on top of his head. This should take a good chunk of his health.


McCree’s ultimate skill called Deadeye is really a game-changer. But actually, Junkrat can counter it using his own ultimate called Rip-Tire. Remember that McCree cannot use his Deadeye on it.


Well, this is perhaps the most interesting one here. Remember that the new Junkrat in “Overwatch” is able to double jump thanks to his newly revamped Concussion Mine. He simply needs to use the first one for mobility and the second one to damage Pharah. He can use normal attack to further inflict damage.


Reaper’s Death Blossom is a hard one to escape, but Junkrat can even the score. He just needs to throw a trap near Reaper to put him on hold. From there, Junkrat can go near him and die. But when this guy dies, his Total Mayhem does the work. Keep in mind that he drops live grenades if killed.

Soldier: 76

One of best ways to actually gun down a Soldier: 76 by using a Tactical Visor is Rip-Tire.

Just deploy it and try to get it as near as possible. From there, just detonate it.


Sombra tends to hack health maps around map. Just place a Trap and Concussion Mine near the said health packs. Usually, Sombra uses her Beacon and deploy it there. As soon as she gets back, she will face death.


The Blink expert boasts of 150 HP only, and this is where she becomes vulnerable.

Just simply use Junkrat’s Grenade-Melee combo. It is an absolute insta-kill.


Whenever Bastion uses his ultimate, it is actually best to face him rather than run. This is where Junkrat can make use of his Concussion Mine. He can utilize it to boop Bastion away. If he is still near, he can use another Concussion Mine to boop him further.


First and foremost, keep in mind that the Rip-Tire can easily be taken down by Hanzo’s Scatter Arrows. The key here, however, is to throw the Rip-Tire into a wall. First, it makes the ultimate quieter; second, the player can use the third-person view to anticipate Hanzo’s location.


When going up against a Junkrat, the player who usually wins is the one who uses the Concussion Mine the most.

Just use the first one for mobility and the second charge for damaging. Afterwards, just hit the opponent with normal attacks.


The important thing to remember here is the fact that the Grenade can push players or characters back. So if Mei is coming forward, use the skill to boop her away. Also, if Mei is forced on an ice block, just put a trap behind her. As soon as she comes back, just boop or finish her with a Concussion Mine and normal attacks.


To kill his Turret easily, throw either a Trap or Concussion Mine on it and fire normal attacks. The Trap will also be targeted by the Turret instead of the player. This should provide enough space to attack it using normal firepower.


This is where flanking can be put to good use. But to ensure that Widowmaker does not hear Junkrat coming, try crouching. This minimizes the sounds of the footsteps. From there, launch normal attacks and a Concussion Mine.

Additional tips

When using Rip-Tire, Junkrat can make use of D.Va’s Defense Matrix to shield from any incoming attacks. Again, keep in mind that the Concussion Mine can boop away enemies. This skill can be used against Reinhardt even when he is using his skill. This should keep him away from attacking or moving forward.

To know more about all of these, check out the video below: