Pokemon GO” is becoming immensely popular. Well, this is thanks to the release of the Legendary creatures. Players certainly have a whole new reason to go out and play.

Interestingly, Niantic is set to release the third generation of pocket monsters in “Pokemon GO.” There is speculation that the studio will do so after the Legendary raids wind down on August 14. Well, here is everything about it in nutshell.

Gen 3 Pokemon are coming

According to Mic, the studio is expected to make a huge announcement after the Legendary Raid Battles end on the aforementioned date.

This is said to be made in Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak, which is an upcoming event in Japan. While the company continues to keep things under wraps, enthusiasts believe that the forthcoming live event is also the launching of the Gen 3 pocket monsters. Believe it or not, the pattern from the previous generation (Gen 2) can actually be used as the basis.

First and foremost, the above-mentioned event in the Land of the Rising Sun is confirmed. This has already been confirmed by Niantic, though the “Pokemon GO” events in Europe are postponed. It is worth noting that the pocket monsters from the second generation’s Johto region appeared sometime in February. This was seven months after the game became official in July of last year.

If this pattern will be used, it is likely that the Gen 3 creatures will arrive in September.

More proof of Gen 3 in September

Moreover, “Pokemon GO” has been updated and/or changed over the past few weeks. The gym system, in particular, was overhauled. There were new rules and/or features introduced. Later on, Niantic released the most anticipated feature called Raid Battles.

The game finally received a genuine multiplayer functionality. Last but not the least, the Legendary beasts were unleashed. It should be noted that back in March, in an interview with Wired Germany, the studio’s CEO John Hanke mentioned the said features and Pokemon. He even promised the upcoming release of a trading system, which, until now, remains to be seen.

If Hanke and his team stay true to their words, then the Gen 3 Pokemon are really coming to “Pokemon GO” next month. Nonetheless, there are reports that the company will likely to go for a yearly release of new generations. Perhaps releasing these Pokemon every seven months can prove to be fatal for the developers. After all, time, energy, and resources are going to be involved. Regardless, it is interesting to see just how the next generation creatures can affect the game’s overall gameplay experience.