Friday the 13th: The Game” is teasing on a potential new killer in the game. After several updates, it appears that Illfonic and Gun Media is now gearing up for additional content in the game. This could increase players’ engagement in the game while waiting for the Single Player mode to be released.

Latest hints

On its official Twitter account, “Friday the 13th: The Game” uploaded several photos. The images sparked fans’ interest, and speculations about an upcoming content with a potential new killer in the game have been running wild on the Internet.

The tweet surfaced on August 11 without any text. The cryptic photos are all black circles with only one colored blue. Interestingly, it appears that the colors and the way the pictures are presented are deliberate and intentional.

Fake Jason

The latest tweet from the game’s official account has spawned several theories from fans. One of the most popular theories is the possibility that it might be hinting at another version of Jason Vorhees to be infused in the asymmetrical horror game. According to this theory, the Jason variant could come from the movie franchise A New Beginning. In this movie, the antagonist was an impersonator of Jason by the name Roy Burns who made the life of his victims miserable.

The theory claims that the mask in the Part V movie installment is different from that of the game’s main character. The mask has no red chevrons that notably differ from that of Jason. Instead, the chevrons are colored blue. The image of seven black circles and one blue circle could mean seven counselors and one Jason, which is the impersonator variant.

Pamela Vorhees

Since the game’s inception, fans have been requesting for Pamela Vorhees to be introduced in the asymmetrical horror title. With the latest post from the game’s Twitter account, the hopes of those fans have been revived. Pamela Vorhees is another theory that many fans are linking to the latest tweet. The blue colored circle according to this theory could refer to the blue sweater of Jason’s mother.

In the game, the sweater plays a significant part in killing Jason. So fans could not help but link the latest cryptic tweet to Pamela.

There are many other theories that fans link to the latest tweet. Gun Media and Illfonic have not yet given any comment about the latest tweet.


Meanwhile, an upcoming update for “Friday the 13th: The Game” is in the works now. Gun Media recently announced that Team-Killing will no longer be allowed in Public Games. According to the game developer, the feature has been abused by many players and they have decided to disable this. There is no timeline provided for the release of this update.