New information about 135 Gen 3 pocket monsters arriving in “Pokemon Go” recently surfaced online. The Silph Road shared their latest finds from the update recently rolled out in the popular augmented reality game. Super Incubator, changes to Shiny variant and Exclusive raids were recently found in the game’s codes.

Gen 3

On August 21, Niantic Labs rolled out another update to “Pokemon Go.” The latest update reveals a string of codes suggesting 135 new monsters that were first introduced in the “Ruby” and “Sapphire” installments of the popular franchise.

These Gen 3 species were found in the APK metadata. Aside from this, the new candy families from Deoxys and Treecko were also found by the team.

According to the Silph Road, the Gen 3 pocket monsters will not yet appear in the game. Among the signs that will manifest before these species go live include sound files for every species, otherwise known as their battle cries. Additional movesets added for the use of these species are also expected to show first in the codes prior to the monsters’ appearance in the game.

Gen 3 monsters popular in the fandom includes powerful creatures like Metagross, Groudon, and Salamance. Other fan-favorite monsters like Sceptile and Torchic also belong to this species.

Release date

While excitement hangs in the air, it appears that the species will not be available in the game yet. The data found are mere starting lines in the augmented reality game’s code. So far, no image assets have been found. In addition, GAME_MASTER updates that provide stats or other important details for the new monsters are not yet found.

It is worth noting that it took four months before the Gen 2 creatures appeared in the game after it was first discovered through datamining. Based on this timeline, most likely, these creatures will be released in the later part of December 2017 or early in January next year.

Other details

With the ways things are going in the game, the appearance of the Gen 3 creatures is most likely going to happen.

However, it will be very premature for them to be released anytime soon. Aside from the appearance of the Gen 3, dataminers also found more text assets that support the previous codes suggesting the coming of Super Incubator to the game. Interestingly, dataminers found that the Super Incubator will arrive with a unique purple appearance.

Exclusive Raids is also seen to be getting more updates in the codes. This is most likely in preparation for the release of Mewtwo in the Exclusive Raids as well as its official launch in “Pokemon Go.”