Good news, "Pokemon Sun And Moon" fans! Game Freak and Nintendo once again give players a chance to receive a new level 50 Pokemon for free in an upcoming distribution event that will begin on August 14. Here are things to expect.

Free level 50 Salazzle

Fan site Serebii reported that players could get a code at participating Gamestop store to get a battle-ready salazzle in the upcoming distribution event that will kick off from August 14 up and end on September 4.

The level 50 pocket monster uses a Focus Sash – a single-use ability enabling itself to survive a typically one-time attack.

It also has Fake Out, Toxic, Sludge Bomb, and Flamethrower moves.

As soon as the latest distribution event begins on August 14, players will be able to download level 50 Salazzle for free. Gamers can simply do the following steps to receive the battle-ready Pokemon in the game:

  1. Go to Mystery Gift option found on the menu screen.
  2. Then select receive gift and click yes.
  3. Type in the redeemable code given by GameStop.
  4. Wait until the Pokemon is received and talk to the delivery man waiting inside any of the Pokemon Centers
  5. Do not forget to save the game

Rare Shiny Tapu Koko still available

Nintendo is also offering Pokemon trainer the chance to grab another free level 60 Pokemon in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” until August 14.

The rare shiny Tapu Koko is still up for grabs at no cost and available for download.

Mega stone distribution event

Meanwhile, the Mega Stone Distribution Event also started in the game last July 22, and it is not known yet when it will conclude. So, players should take on this opportunity to redeem the code to grab all four Mega Stones while they are still available.

The four Mega Stones Abomasite, Aggronite, Manectite, and Tyranitarite will let the gamers acquire Abomasnow, Aggron, Manetric, and Tyranitar mega versions.

Developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" two role-playing games released exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. The next Pokemon titles, "Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon" will be launched on the same platform on November 17.

On the other hand, two new Pokemon video games are currently in development for Nintendo's latest gaming platform, the Switch. According to the game publisher, The Pokemon RPG that was leaked earlier as "Pokemon Stars" is slated to arrive on Switch in 2018 or later but the "Pokken Tournament DX" will be released this year, specifically on September 22.