Warner Bros. has revealed a new trailer for the upcoming “Middle-Earth: Shadow of war.” This game hits stores on Oct. 10 for the Xbox One X, PS4, and PC. The latest video focuses on the additional characters and other features of "Shadow of War."

'Shadow of War' new trailer revealed

In the trailer, fans of "Lord of the Rings" can spot familiar characters, such as orcs, trolls, wargs, and spiders. However, there will also be additional characters in the game, such as the Spirit Of Carnan.

The Spirit of Carnan is a fearsome being that links with the mother earth or the natural world.

This character can change appearances, such as turning into a giant female tree or even a Drake. Players can also use this character to go against the massive and notorious Balrog.

What is the game all about?

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War” resides in the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel series', “Lord of The Rings” and “The Hobbit.” The storyline of the game continues the plot from “Shadow Of Mordor." Moreover, it will feature Talion as the main protagonist. He is a ranger who was killed by Sauron’s Black Hand, but his body remained alive after creating a bond with the Elf Lord Celebrimbor.

In the game, Talion and Celebrimbor discovered the Elf Lord's power and memory. They also have the same purpose which is to avenge their loved ones.

Moreover, a report published in GameSpot revealed that "Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War" begins with Talion and the fallen spirit of the elf, Lord Celebrimbor. They created a new ring of power that transformed Talion into a great Bright Lord. The purpose of the ring is also to give them the power to confront the Dark Lord Sauron.

During their journey, the Elf lord recalled his past and remembered that Sauron disguised himself as Annatar and deceived him into forging the Rings of power. After realizing that the Dark Lord betrayed him, Celebrimbor made himself the Bright Lord and raised an army of Orcs to fight Sauron. However, he failed, and Sauron ordered his family executed.

Middle-Earth development

Creative director Michael De Plaster revealed via The Verge that the game is an experimental study created to allow the Monolith Production team to make an open world game. He also explained that the team wanted to move the solitary game into an epic experience game.

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War” will feature an online Multiplayer Mode and goes on sale on October 10, 2017. Stay tuned for more updates.