The much-awaited Legendary pocket monster of “Pokemon Go” is finally released in the game. Mewtwo has been unleashed in the augmented reality game through a trio of Legendary Raids during the conclusion of the Pikachu Outbreak event in Yokohama, Japan.

Stadium event

After a year of waiting and speculating, finally, Mewtwo is unleashed in the augmented reality game. The most-awaited Legendary creature surfaced when Niantic Labs opened the co-op Raid Battles against Mewtwo in the Stadium Event in Yokohama, Japan. The end of the Pikachu Outbreak Festival marks the commencement of the Stadium event, which players team up to overpower a powerful creature that they would like to capture.

Zapdos is scheduled to leave the game on August 14, and fans were previously speculating that most likely the game developer will release Ho-Oh during the Stadium Event. However, instead of Ho-Oh players got Mewtwo.


Mewtwo is one of the most powerful pocket monsters in the “Red” and “Blue” installments of the franchise. The creature, created by science, is a Psychic Type Legendary monster that does not evolve. However, it has the ability to Mega Evolve into two various forms. These are Mega Mewtwo X, which can be achieved using Mewtwonite X, and Mega Mewtwo Y using Mewtwonite Y.

In the latest screenshots shared by various players in Japan, it was revealed that the legendary creature has a Combat Points (CP) rating of 4,900.

If captured, it has a Credit Points rating of 2,200. This high Credit Points rating puts the Psychic creature at the helm as the strongest monster that players can fight in Raids. On Reddit, a user by the name Unobore revealed that it was able to catch the legendary creature with a catch rate of 100 percent.

Previously, several reports were claiming about a leak on the arrival of the legendary monster in the game.

Several data-miners noticed that Niantic Labs has made some changes to the creature within the game. Among this includes a decrease in its Defense, Stamina, and Attack by 9 percent. This just means that the game developer is shaping the pocket monster so that it could possibly be beaten during Raids. Moreover, a Shiny variant of the monster was also found in the game’s files just like the other legendary birds that were released ahead.

Release details

So far, Niantic Labs has not yet released any information about Mewtwo’s release in all regions. Only players in Japan so far has been reporting of its capture. Moreover, it is still vague if the release of the creature in “Pokemon Go” is exclusive for this event only or how long it will be available. Most likely, Niantic will soon make an official announcement about this legendary creature.