Blizzard has a knack for keeping games active well beyond their expiration date, as "Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos" received its first official Public Test Realm today. This follows a patch the title received last year, around the same time that "Diablo II" was given a fresh coat of paint.

Is it the same old 'Warcraft III'?

In a public post in their official forum, Blizzard listed a few improvements that will be implemented to enhance the gameplay and allow for a smoother experience. As can be expected, there are quite a few mechanics that need to be updated to suit the modern player.

Some of the changes confirmed include a re-balancing of the difficulty progression through the game. This should also influence where the players spawn, to ensure that everyone has a fair start. Blizzard has also taken a look at the current in game items and decided to add more variety to the proceedings, with six unique levels for charged or permanent items.

Visually, a few alterations have been made to allow for a less obtrusive experience. For example, trees have been resized to avoid any unnecessary obstruction when searching for points of interest.

It is interesting to see Blizzard go to such lengths for "Warcraft III," considering it was originally released in 2002. It does feel like they are testing the waters, to see if there is still a large enough fan base for the title.

It is unlikely that a new "Warcraft" will be released anytime soon, but as long as the third entry still has life in it, then fans should have no need to worry.

How does it compare to modern titles?

Blizzard admitted that "Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos" still required further enhancement to meet the standards set by modern gaming.

Due to the outdated hardware, the latency when connecting online is not up to scratch. These have been improved with the launch of the test servers, but are yet to reach the standards set by modern gaming.

As this is still a test run, there currently isn't the facility to take part in tournaments or a leaderboard. Blizzards confirmed that these should be available once it is officially available.

The test server features maps for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and free-for-all.

With this sudden activity for "Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos," rumors are suggesting that a remaster could be on the cards for the immediate future. Although this could definitely be the case, Blizzard has yet to comment on whether they are considering it.