When Destiny 2 was officially announced a few months back, gamers finally found out that the PC version of the game will be hosted by Blizzard Entertainment’s servers. Bungie has evidently formed a partnership with the company and their Battle.net platform. Gamers using Steam’s platform, on the other hand, were surprised by the turn of events. It is understandable given the massive user installment flaunted by Valve’s platform. However, some recent listings found online appear to hint otherwise.

Steam online store listing for Destiny 2 in-game elements

Some users reportedly stumbled upon a listing on the Steam store. According to their findings, the item listed on the platform declared 500 Destiny silver. Fans of the team-based shooter should be familiar with the name. It has been the default in-game currency used in the original game and will presumably stay as is in the sequel. Players can use Destiny silver to acquire exotic weapon ornaments, emotes, and others. Given the supposed evidence, some gamers have speculated that the Destiny 2 might also become available on Valve’s online game service platform. As of now, Bungie has not yet issued an official statement to address the recently discovered listing.

The listing is possibly connected to an old game console

There are others who have noted that the reported listing could be a minor glitch on Valve’s back end system. Players could recall that the PlayStation 3 version of Destiny was connected to Steam back then. On the other hand, there are still some gamers who are hopeful that listing has outed Bungie’s plans also to release Destiny 2 on the other platform.

Moreover, the developer has not even confirmed what microtransactions might be available in the sequel. Furthermore, they have not officially mentioned that the currency will make a comeback on the sequel.

More users more sales

Based on the number of users, it is clear that Steam has a bigger piece of the pie when it comes to subscribers.

Most PC gamers are currently using Valve’s digital game distribution platform to purchase their software. Its extensive library of supported games easily dwarfs that of Blizzard’s Battle.net. Nevertheless, Activision has ties with both Blizzard Entertainment and Bungie. Therefore, it is a clear choice for the publisher to use the smaller platform.

Bungie has recently confirmed that Destiny 2 has been performing quite well with their pre-selling expectations. They have even offered more content like the Coldheart exotic weapon for all pre-ordered copies of the Sci-fi FPS game. We think that Bungie might eventually consider the Steam platform based on how well the sequel performs.