Zapdos Raids are arriving in “Pokemon Go” today, August 7. The new addition to the roster of Legendary creatures in the game will be playable anytime soon. Here are the tips and tricks on how to beat the new mythical bird in the augmented reality game.

Getting to know the monster

Zapdos is the iconic mascot of team Instinct. It will be available in “Pokemon Go” beginning August 7 until August 14. The legendary bird is illustrated as a massive avian with primarily yellow feathers covering its body. It has dark circles around its eyes and has a light orange long beak.

Its tail and wings are made of spiky feathers.

Every time this mythical creature flaps its wings, electricity that can cause thunderstorms is produced along with a loud snapping sound. It also produces lightning bolts when it is in the air. Interestingly, this creature gains more power when struck with lightning. The legendary creature is believed to appear during thunderstorms.

Zapdos is presumed to be more difficult to beat compared to Articuno and Moltres. It is a Flying/Electric type of pocket monster. This legendary bird seems to have fewer weaknesses despite having lower Defense Stat than Articuno. Moreover, unlike its mythical avian counterparts, it does not have a double weakness. The collective assumption right now is that it will take approximately 6 or 7 players to beat the new bird in the game.

Tips and tricks to defeat Zapdos

Given its classification, this creature is only weak to two kinds of attacks. These are Ice and Rock attacks. However, the majority of the creatures that can release ice attacks are also weak to electric attacks. The best way to fight the mythical bird is through the use of ground type monsters.

Ground attacks can withstand Electric attacks, even if the new creature is a flying type, its attack will not be very effective when hurled towards Ground-Type pocket monsters.

When fighting Zapdos, try using Rhydon or Golem. Use Stone-Edge Golem to create massive damage against this creature. Golem can also withstand the attack hurled by Electric-type and will only take a small fraction of the damage.

For its weakness, since it does not have much, it is best to use Stone Edge Tyranitar or Dragonite to counter Zapdos. Players can also use Dragon-type monsters to resist Electric attacks.

Pikachu Outbreak Festival

Between August 9 and 15, a large number of Pikachu is expected to descend in Japan for the Pikachu Outbreak Festival. There will be parades, dances, and activities related to the iconic star of the game. In the past, visitors from other parts of the world would visit Japan for this event. On August 14, in the same country, “Pokemon Go” Stadium event will take place. In this event, fans are expecting that Niantic Labs would release another Legendary pocket monster, Ho-Oh.