In my previous "Pokemon GO" post, I have stated some major updates that have happened in the game where I briefly stated information about the Gym Badges and the Motivation System.

However, there was something I didn't talk about when it should have been mentioned, as this particular topic was supposed to be the highlight of that post. Although I may have pointed it out as a very important and crucial update, I really have not gone through the specifics of how to encounter the Legendary Pokemon.

Today, we will be talking about Legendary Pokemon and how you're able to encounter them.

We will also be talking about why you should not be transferring these ultra rare beings into candies.

Introducing Raid Battles

As I have stated in my first Pokemon GO article, the most awaited update that fans have waited ever since the game began was the appearance of the legendary Pokemon. How do players encounter them? This is made possible with Legendary Raids. But before we talk about talk about that, let's get to know what Raid Battles are.

Raid Battles are battles that are added into the game as a new feature along with the revamped Gym mechanics. This occurs when a Pokemon, referred to as "Raid Boss," appear as an egg called a "Raid Egg." These Raid Bosses appear in gyms as if they're taking over them.

As long as trainers are near a gym, he/she will get a notification about an upcoming raid battle.

Trainers must be at least level 5 and must have a specific item called "Raid Pass" to be able to participate in Raid Battles. Trainers can get one free Raid Pass daily by spinning the Photo Disc on gyms. Any succeeding Raid Battles trainers want to join would require them to purchase more passes in the microtransaction shop.

Trainers would then have to team up and collaborate to defeat these particular Pokemon because they possess a huge amount of Combat Points or CP than the regular Pokemon spawns. The most interesting part in this is that they have to beat them within an hour. Once they manage to defeat the boss, they will have the chance to win items and even have a go at catching the said Pokemon.

Raid Bosses are categorized by colored eggs, namely:

  • Pink Eggs (Common)
  • Yellow Eggs (Rare)
  • Dark Eggs (Legendary)

Moving on to the Legendary Raid Battles

Now that we know what Raid Battles are and how they work, we now talk about the Legendary Raid Battles and how they roll. While I mentioned that Raid Battles consist of higher CP Pokemon occupying gyms and trainers ganging up to defeat them, Raid Battles with Legendary Pokemon are similar.

However, to have a chance at encountering them, trainers will need a Legendary Raid Pass. As they are known in the original Pokemon games for being legendary, these guys live up to their ranks as their CP are WAY HIGHER than the regular Raid Bosses, and stronger too.

But the most irritating part is that they are the hardest ones to capture, so make sure you stock on a lot of Ultra Balls.

Will you be able to persevere and capture them?

Transferring Legendary Pokemon and why you shouldn't

As Niantic started rolling out these legends, trainers have been out of their homes nonstop to catch these Pokemon. Unlike the regular games where there is only one of each legendary, Pokemon GO lets you own more than 1 of these legends. Considering the gameplay so far, I am not surprised with this.

While they are the RAREST and MOST DIFFICULT mons to capture, trainers who have captured many of them have been transferring them to the Professor for candies. I know they must be doing it to make them stronger, but the main reason why they should not be converting them into candies is that they are only released for a limited time.

No one knows if Niantic will ever release them again after a certain period of time.

So if I were you, I would keep them, and if my storage becomes full, I'd rather transfer those Pokemon who are less useful than transferring the legendaries. This ends my post on Legendary Raid Battles. 'Til next time!