"Crash Bandicoot" is back and better than ever. The "N.Sane Trilogy" has topped the UK charts for five straight weeks since it was released, resoundingly demonstrating that this is a franchise loved by the masses and not some small niche group. Sales do not dictate how great a product is; otherwise, the "Transformers" franchise would be the best movie since "Independence Day," but the sales numbers directly influences just how lucky it is that we might see a follow-up project.

Activision suggests Xbox One port of 'Crash Bandicoot' is in the pipeline

By now, Activision must have released what a cash cow they could potentially have on their hands. To be fair, Crash never sold particularly poorly. It only declined due to fans becoming illusioned because of how far the series veered off its original path.

It is no surprise that an Xbox One port of the "N.Sane Trilogy" might be released in the upcoming months. The series might have started out as a Playstation exclusive, and the first three games were never released on any other console, but the franchise made the jump to multiplatform a long time ago.

Releasing the collection as a timed Sony exclusive allowed Activision to see whether there is a market for it.

Since "Crash Bandicoot" is associated with the PlayStation brand, and holds nostalgic value for most players, it was a safe bet that it would at least sell decently. This expectation has obviously been exceeded.

A new game perhaps?

Now is the perfect time to be a fan of the orange marsupial, as we could easily be seeing further games in the future.

The obvious follow up would be another remaster collection, perhaps including "CTR," "Wrath of Cortex," and "Twinsanity." Most players would pay good money just for an updated version of Naughty Dog's kart racer.

Still, an original game would definitely be ideal. If they time it right, it could be released as a launch title for the PlayStation 5.

One must wonder whether fans would be as receptive of an old school platformer, following in the footsteps of the "N.Sane Trilogy" if the sense of nostalgia was not present. Please do not misunderstand, Vicarious Visions' collection is fantastic and deserves the positive reception it has received. Still, there are a few flaws that have largely been forgiven due to the lapse in time.

If a new game was made, should they stick to the basic formula or try taking the series in a new direction?