In “Destiny 2” players will get a reward for completing Clan Objectives. This means that in the upcoming game installment, the clan will have a dedicated feature that has long been requested by players. Moreover, there is a new tab that will track each player’s progress in the game.

Changes in the second game

One of the most interesting features of the upcoming game is the massive change to the Clan System. It took the game developer a while to develop and implement a feature particularly centered on the clans in the game. Bungie has been very vocal about Clan Migration and has even given clan leaders ample housekeeping time in order to decide if they would like to migrate their present clan to the upcoming game or simply remain as a group.

In addition to the Clan Migration, there are other interesting features that players can look forward to in “Destiny 2.” According to Community Manager David Dague, players will be rewarded with incentives for joining clans and completing objectives as part of a clan. Dague added that players will realize that being a member of a clan in the second game installment is very rewarding.

In the upcoming game, each member of the clan will be rewarded based on how often they do things with their clan. The more things they do, the more rewards they earn. Aside from making the clans more accessible to players in the game, Bungie also promotes collectively working as a team through this new system. The community director, unfortunately, did not reveal what rewards will be given to clan members that participate in the new system.


Players will also find new additions to the game’s menu in the second installment. With the Milestones Tab, each activity that the player completes will be included in this tab. These activities either happen once per account, once per week, or daily. These objectives will have a corresponding reward, which will be revealed soon to the players.

This new Milestone Tab (aside from tracking the player’s progress) is also a way to list the priorities in the game. Players will no longer wonder what they will need to do next since it will already be included in the tab. The objectives, according to the game developer, will vary and will at times require help from other Guardians.

Bungie’s highly anticipated game "Destiny 2” is scheduled to release on September 6, 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be available on October 24 for PC users.