Although details about Rockstar Games' upcoming action-adventure video game "GTA 6" are quite hard to come by, avid gamers continue to wait with bated breath to get their hands on the hotly anticipated sequel to "GTA 5."

More details revealed via latest leak

A new report from Express swept "GTA" fans off their feet as it gave them a brief glimpse of exactly how the popular title would look like set in London.

While nothing is carved in stone yet as far as "GTA 6" release date is concerned, the leak allowed fans to delve into a slew of recently surfaced images of a "Grand Theft Auto 5" London mod for the time being.

The pictures give a peek at what the next installment in Rockstar Games' "Grand Theft Auto" series would look like if it returned to London equipped with the latest technology.

Back in 1999, the fan-favorite "GTA" series was set in London in the form of "Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969," which arrived on the original PlayStation as well as PCs.

The new mod

The recently surfaced mod for "Grand Theft Auto 5" boasts some popular sites from England's capital and most populous city, London. The said mod features the Great Ormond Street, Heathrow Airport, and Wembley Stadium.'s KieranMerrilees was the first to share pictures of the mod. The mod is currently in its version 1.0, but according to Express, the mod creators are already prepping to make a full map that will incorporate British textures.

In the latter stage of the project, the modders intend to add London bus stops, London hotels and finish off with Heathrow Airport. Aside from that, they have recreated UK license plates, Met Police vehicles, and London Ambulances.

As expected, the mod was very well-received by the modding community and the build even garnered immense praise on website.

A CV (curriculum vitae) that surfaced on Breakdown Express last month stirred conversations among fans of the hit franchise. "Grand Theft Auto" loyalists thought it was a clue that "GTA 6" has been confirmed. For those unaware, Breakdown Services teams up with film studios around the world in a bid to find actors.

Fans ferreted out a section on what initially looked like actor Tim Neff’s resume, which comprised motion capture work about "GTA 6" and "Red Dead Redemption 2."

If this proved to be true, Rockstar Games could already be hard at works on their new title.

In fact, the studio could be relatively further than what earlier reports speculated.

'GTA 6' rumor deflated

Much to the chagrin of "GTA" zealots, Neff told PCgamesN that the resume featured on the website did not belong to him. He further confirmed that it neither was his page, account or resume.

It seems safe to say that "GTA 6" is nowhere close to its release. On top of that, the internet is rife with reports indicating that Rockstar Games is in no mood to deviate its focus from its cash cow, "GTA 5." That's hardly surprising as Rockstar's parent company Take-Two Interactive boss Strauss Zelnick recently announced "GTA 5" sales as more than a whopping 80 million, with June and July being the biggest months ever regarding active “GTA Online” users.

The revelation came after the game developer rolled out the big "GTA Online" Gunrunning update on June 13.